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London Sightseeing – Top 11 Must Visit Places in London

London Must See

London is one of the greatest global cities for travelers. From architectural marvels to monuments galore, there is a lot to explore. London sightseeing is a lot about taking in a plethora of attractions. In fact, a single trip is never enough! Here is a list of only a few attractions that you should not miss.

London Sightseeing- Top Picks

Buckingham Palace – A visit to London is incomplete without the Buckingham Palace. Visit this famous landmark and catch the Changing of the Guard. It draws sizable crowds from 11.30 AM round the year. You will love the vibrant display of music and marching at St. James’s Palace. You can then stroll along The Mall. Buckingham Palace dates back to 1837 and is the house of the Monarch. But how do you know whether the Queen is at home or not? Check for the royal standard flying above the building. If it is there, then she is at home. When the Queen stays at Scotland for the summer, visitors can enter the building. They can check out the Queen’s Gallery, State Rooms, and Royal Mews.

Tower of London – The Tower of London has its chequered history over the years. It is iconic worldwide and a heritage spot. You will love the White Tower built I 1078. It has the 17th century collection of armor and other royal items. The popular Crown Jewels collection is also visible here. You will also love the Royal Mint, Bloody Tower and Beefeaters. The nearby Tower Bridge is a fascinating structure. It has two towers going 200 feet over the Thames River. It is walkable and you can venture till Butler’s Wharf.

British Museum – The British Museum has 13 million+ artifacts. They all date back to ancient times. These include priceless treasures from Europe, China, Assyria and Babylonia. Most tourists first check out the Elgin Marbles here. The Rosetta Stone is also famous along with the Mildenhall Treasure. It is an immersive experience with books, art history and a shop. You will love the lectures and events going on here as well. If you are hungry, then there is a café and restaurant too.

Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament – The Big Ben is London’s most iconic landmark. The 318 foot tower with the massive clock and bells is the BBC’s time signal too. The Houses of Parliament lie below. Crossing Westminster Bridge gives you gorgeous views. You can also walk towards the SEA LIFE London Aquarium thereafter. The Parliament building offers scope for intriguing tours. Whitehall is home to many Government structures anyway.

National Gallery – Missing the National Gallery is a strict no-no. The museum lies near Trafalgar Square. It houses some of the world’s most famous masterpieces ever! The National Gallery contains European masterpieces between 1260 and 1920. The Italian Schools and Dutch Masters collections are a treat. Main attractions include a Madonna cartoon Leonardo da Vinci’s Child. You can also view The Entombment by Michelangelo here. Other attractions include Venus and Mars by Botticelli. Monet’s The Water-Lily Pond is also present.

The Victoria & Albert Museum – Another remarkable museum in London, it offers attractions aplenty. It is a group including the Science and Natural History Museums. Coming up in 1852, the museum sprawls over 13 acres with 145 galleries. Exhibits cover jewelry, costumes, textiles, and glass. Other items include ceramics, prints, photographs and more. Categories include Furniture, Textiles and Fashion. Others include Metalwork, Ceramics and Glass. Sculpture, Word and Image and Asia are other segments. The Main and Garden Cafes are also big attractions for visitors here. The sheer detailing is a treat to the eyes. The John Madejski Garden is another beautiful pit-stop here. You will love the tranquility and serene ambience on offer.

Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square – London’s iconic destinations include Trafalgar Square. It came up for marking Lord Horatio Nelson’s triumph. He defeated the Spanish and French forces here in 1805. Nelson’s Column came up here in granite. It looks onto the lovely fountains and goes till 183 feet. Attractions include St. Martin-in-the-Fields and the National Gallery. You can also check out the Admiralty Arch. Walking from Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly Circus is also enjoyable. Find beautiful ice-cream stores, cafes, boutiques and pathways galore. Piccadilly Circus is where many important streets intersect. The iconic winged Eros sculpture is another must-watch here.

The Shard – The Shard opened its doors in 2012. It is today one of London’s biggest tourist attractions. It goes up to 1,016 feet and covers 95 stories. The building bears resemblance to a glass shard. It makes for an imposing presence on the skyline of London. You can go all the way to the top for spectacular views. It houses the Shangri-La Hotel and fantastic restaurants. The top-most levels come with outdoor and indoor viewing decks.

Tate Modern & Britain – Those who love art will be in for a treat. They will love visiting the Tate Modern and Tate Britain museums. They have one of the best art collections worldwide. The first gallery came up in 1897 to showcase the national collection. Tate Britain then spread through Millbank, housing famous British artwork. A revamped power station then became the modern art repository. You can view both these places linked via ferries. All you need is to cross the River from one bank to another. You can also walk on the Millennium Bridge linking the two banks. You are sure to fall in love with the gorgeous views.

Westminster Abbey – Westminster Abbey is another iconic destination in London. It has always had its associations with Christianity over the years. The official name is the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster. The Abbey founder was Edward the Confessor in 1065. From his 1066 burial to George II, monarchs got crowned at this building. They were also buried here and now the Abbey hosts Royal Weddings too. It is a Gothic marvel with the highest such nave in England. It gets more than a million tourists every year. You can view 600+ Nave memorials. They include the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior and others. You can view memorials to Dickens, Shakespeare, and Chaucer as well. They lie in the Poet’s Corner in the Transepts. The Westminster Abbey Museum is another attraction in tandem with the charming gardens.

Churchill’s Warm Rooms – Prime Minister Winston Churchill went underground for the war. Throughout World War II, he had his own war rooms. Explore the fascinating cubicle which was his sleeping zone and the radio studio. He also made his popular speeches from this location. Audio guides are available along with other tours. You will also find a bookshop and café at the site.

These are only some of the top attractions if you are going London sightseeing. You can also cover the Imperial War Museum. It has a fascinating collection of military weapons, vehicles and even aeroplanes. You can also view the HMS Belfast. The World War II masterpiece is open to visitors with several tour options on offer. London offers plenty more for travelers. It takes many visits and longer stays to start understanding London. Serviced Apartments in London is the best option to stay in London for short term and long term stay both.

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