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Hi I'm new to the city, is there any Apple Store near Oxford Street? Gotta turn in my tablet for an upgrade.

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0       There is an Apple store on a street called Regents Street, It runs across Oxford Street near the station. I hope that helps!

Wyatt    |   


Apple has a massive store on Regent’s street. After being closed for several months in 2016, the revamped store opened in 2016 and is the second store to have been revamped after the San Francisco store which underwent a makeover in the summer of 2016. The store is a visually stunning one with:

  • A seven metre high ceiling and 12 Ficus Ali trees in the store which give the impression of shopping outdoors even when you’re indoors.
  • A large television with a space in front of it for ‘the Forum’, which is a space that can seat 75 people and is used for workshops, photographers, musicians, gamers, developers and entrepreneurs. If you go on Apple’s website, you can book these activities directly from there.
  • The Apple Genius Bar allows anyone with any issues with the tech side of their gadget to speak with a professional.
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