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Gotta a pick up a cake for a birthday in office, anybody know a good bakery near Piccadilly?

2 answers

Ross    |   

0       Hi Winny, the only place to pick up great cakes and treats is PAUL along Piccadilly Arcade! Enjoy!

Sebastian    |   


There are several bakeries in and around the central London area of Piccadilly. Some of the best bakeries in the area are:

  • Bageriet: Located on Rose street, this is a wonderful Swedish bakery that serves delicious Cinnamon buns. You can even grab a delicious breakfast here in the mornings.
  • The Hummingbird Bakery: This is one of London’s most popular bakeries and is known for their red velvet cakes. They serve delicious cupcakes, large cakes and even some savory dishes.
  • Fabrique bakery: Another Swedish bakery, they serve delicious bread made directly in a stone over. They use natural ingredients and their sourdough bread is a must-have. After the success of 11 bakeries all over Sweden, this bakery has opened in Shoreditch in London.
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