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Hello! My name is Joanna and I will be relocating to Paris in the start of the upcoming month. I will be moving with my husband and my teenage son. We have booked ourselves an extended stay at one of your serviced apartments in Trocadero. While we have taken care of several other fronts of relocation, we were wondering if you guys can give us some idea of quality high schools in and around Trocadero which has a bilingual teaching mode, or preferably an International school that teaches in English? I would want a local expert to answer this query. Looking forward to a reply. Thanks!

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Pranjal    |   

0       Hello Joanna!! Below is the list of schools in and around Trocadero which have a bilingual teaching mode. 1. "ISP" International School of Paris - courses structured both to foster the quick integration of the students into the new environment and to facilitate re-entry when they return to their national systems. All classes are taught in English. Address: 6 rue Beethoven, 75016 Paris website: 2. EaB - Ecole Active Bilingue, Victor Hugo Campus - Offering an international curricula aimed at French and foreign students who want to prepare for American or British diplomas and qualifications,as well as the IB Diploma Programme. Featuring English as the main language of education and daily French instruction. Address: 23, rue de Cronstadt, 75014 website: 3. EaB - Ecole Active Bilingue, Park Monceau - a private school under contract with the state, which means that the French national curriculum is respected. In the French Curriculum, French is the main language of education and English is taught in different ability groups, according to pupils' school level and specific needs. Address: 16, rue Margueritte 75017 website: I hope the above information will be helpful! Regards, Pranjal
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