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Looking for a quiet, peaceful cafe to get some work done, near Barbican.

2 answers

Victor    |   

0       Hi Davo, nearest one is The Barbican Centre which matches all your needs but if you are flexible enough to travel few stations then i would suggest you to visit Hanbury Hall Café which serves delicious food on the top of calm environment even on friday's

Gabriel    |   


Barbican is a great place to work from, not only because its close to several large companies which means you can take a break and get some work done from the more relaxed environment that a coffee shop provides. Here are some of the best cafes with wifi in Barbican:

  • Costa Coffee: Although you don’t need a strong reason to head to Costa any day of the week, if you are in the Barbican area, this is a great place to get some work done, thanks to the free wifi.
  • Benugo: This quintessentially British cafe offers delicious baked goods and complementary wifi. Grab some lunch on the go as you browse the web.
  • Passage Cafe: A charming Parisian bistro that is known for its food with a twist.
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