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Hey people, I have a little query. Could anyone of you tell me what would be the best day trips from Singapore?

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Emily    |   

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Here are a few more more day trip options in Malaysia that you can go to from Singapore.
Tioman island (best known for its natural landscapes and nature reserves), Nikoi Island, Rawa island, Pulau Ujong, Pulau Seringat, Pulau Sajahat, and Pulau Sudong.

Norah    |   

Day trips are always a grand idea and even more so if you are in a place like Singapore. The top picks for a day trip from Singapore are:
Lazarus Island-a picturesque beach island towards the south of mainland Singapore.
St. John's island-just 20 mins away from Singapore.
Bintan Islands in Indonesia- it will take about an hour to reach by a ferry.
Sentosa Island is the nearest of the lot. A trip to the island would mean beautiful Lagoons, beaches and treks.
Pulau Ubin is a small island lying between Malaysia and Singapore. It is known for its natural scenic sights and adventurous outfield.

Nathan    |   

Hi Flora.
Aren’t day trips just awesome? I have this perfect day trip plan laid out for you. Just, read on:
Batam island is a luxurious spot for an adventure activities like windsurfing, indulgent spa experience, shopping and seafood delicacies.
Malacca is a three hour getaway in Malaysia with a variety of points of interest. The Chinatown and the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple are the most famous spots to see here.
Johor Bahru is a your half an hour ride away spot for fun spot with parks and beaches.
Kusu island is just a ferry ride away from the mainland city.  
Lemme know later, where all you had your day trip. Ciao!
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