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I am heading to Amsterdam sometime later this August. I have heard of the De Parade festival, any ideas what is worth watching at the fest?

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Dana    |   

De Parade will start at Rotterdam and cover Hague along with Uretch while concluding at Amsterdam. More than 80 performances are lined up along with live jigs and music events. The program is a three tier one:
Rotterdam: is rolling out a mix bag of music, dance and theatre. It’s Jazz, poetry and saxophone tunes at the Deedler & Van Der Lek. Dalton Jansen is an urban dance extravaganza.
Hague: watch the 10 minute family Vlog series by Van Hart. Experience a world of fantasy and wonder by Adina and Luca. Revel through the story of three friends in ‘The most beautiful years of  our lives.’ The Eye Film Museum is also another good watch for you if you wish to know the history of cinema.
Utrecht: Participate in a song and sing along sequence called the Dutch Von Trapps. The Dialogue Cooperation is a musical art performance to watch. If you are a foodie, go for the Sausage and Babel.

Maya    |   

Well, that’s a lot to watch at the De Parade. The Travelling Theatre is happening at the Martin Luther King’s Park. The theatre performances will be diverse here and are distributed into various genres.
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