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What are the major attractions at the Kooza Cirque Du Soleil and where’s it happening?

3 answers

Oliver    |   


Hey Tom! I have followed a few shows at Cirque Du Soleil. Twice in New York and once in Canada. This time round I’ll be in Hong Kong sometime around 29th May and Cirque Du Soleil is setting up a show called ‘Kooza’ in Hong Kong. This time around I am planning to take the kids along! They are excited about it!


George    |   


Cirque du Soleil is coming back to HK after 12 years and if the buzz around it is to be believed it has some exciting lineup of shows with breathtaking acrobatics, funny clowns doing the rounds. I like their grandness, the costumes, the makeup, the props and the themes. It’s a well structured and a precisely planned show.


Susan    |   


It’s happening at the Central Harbourfront from 19th April to 3rd June. Hope this helps. Kooza has a lot of events planned, I checked their website. Here's a quick link: They have some pretty rocking shows. I am particularly interested in Hoops manipulation and the Double highwire.

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