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Heading to New York this month. It will be my first trip there. Any important checklist that I should consider before visiting the Big Apple?

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Jen    |   

Hey there.
Hi Ray. It’s a great place. I know you are coming here for the first time, but you might never want to leave.  
Now, to answer your question, here are a few important pointers that are crossing my mind right now. 
  • Buy the Metro Card and travel by the Subway.
  • Get yourself an affordable place to stay. The rent price for areas near Manhattan could be a little over the top but if you go for Astoria you might find some great options at cheaper rates.
  • Don’t take cabs. They are expensive and traffic can be crazy sometimes.
  • Take those bus tours and go about in the city. It is the best way to travel around on a budget.
  • Don’t be jazzed up with those fancy looking restaurants. Go for the decently priced ones. Look for Westway Diner, Penelope, Blue Dog Kitchen Bar, Havana Central (Times Square), Times Square Diner and Grill.
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