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Hi! Any heads up for good eateries around Bloomsbury?

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Jacob    |   

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Hey! Bloomsbury is a great place to stay. Plenty of nice places to get your grub from. Here are a few good ones to check out:

  • Namies - They have great contemporary, French, and healthy dishes on offer.
  • Pizza Sophia - Perfect if you’re wanting Italian. Do check it out.
  • Pitted Olive - For delectable mediterranean cuisine.
  • Salt and Pepper - A great cafe joint to grab a good old hearty English breakfast
  • Skinner Arms - If you are looking for an pub/bar, you can go here.Enjoy mate!

Olivia    |   


Hello Ethan! 

Bloomsbury is a scenic destination known for its academic and literary connections. I have been there many times and my favorite restaurant in the area is Honey & Co. It’s a middle eastern bakery located at 25a Warren Street. I recommend you try out their black cardamom coffee, marzipan cake, and knafeh with roasted pistachios. 

Let me know, how it went if you decide to go there!


Ethan    |   


Gee! Thanks Olivia! Will definitely let you know. 

Take care

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