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Me & a few friends are planning a trip to Europe, we are most interested in going to Greece (Athens & Mykonos), Montenegro, Croatia & Hungary (Budapest). Just want some advice on the best way to travel around these places & also places to visit & how long to stay. Any advice is good thank you.

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Anna    |   

Hey Austin. Welcome to forum. It is great to see you here. A trip for a week with just a few spare days added to to it, for adjusting travelling time and rest, can be wonderfully planned around these East European destinations. Keep two days spare in between for travel time, relaxation and your day of return.
Considering Greece as the first destination this is what your itinerary should look like:
Day 1- Greece
  • Take the metro from the airport.
  • Arrive in Athens

    Day 2- Athens
  • Spend a day in Athens
  • Take a group tour to Acropolis and Parthenon.
  • Save the night for a free walking tour to downtown Athens and get a taste of the nightlife and food at the bars and restaurants there.
  • End the tour at Monastiraki Square.

    Day 3 & 4- Mykonos
  • Take a Blue Star morning ferry to Mykonos. The fare is around €20-it’s convenient and cheap and fast.
  • Spend the night at the jet island in Mykonos.
  • The next day visit Cyclades and marvel at the historic windmills

    Day 5 & 6- Croatia (Dubrovnik and Split)
  • Take the 6 hour flight from Mykonos to Dubrovnik.
  • Arrive in Dubrovnik.
  • Dubrovnik- Spend a day at here and visit the Old Town, explore the City Walls, and take the cable car to Mount Srd and visit Fort Imperial. Return to Old Toan and grab a bite at Buza cafe.
  • Catch the evening bus to Split.
  • Split-in a day’s excursion you can visit Riva, Bronze Gate, Diocletian Basement, St. Duje Cathedral, Jupiter Temple and Golden Gate.  

    Day 7-Budapest, Hungary
  • Take the 3 hour flight from Split to budapest.
  • Make your first trip to the Castle District. The Széchenyi Bridge is on the way to the Buda Castle, it looks absolutely gorgeous at night.
  • Head to the Andrassy Avenue and the Heroes Square from here.
  • Walk to the Széchenyi Baths and head to St. Stephen’s Castle and Hungarian Parliament.
  • You can keep another day spare to visit the rest of the popular destinations here.

    P.S. feel free to ask questions. We will always be there for you. Have a great trip!
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