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Are there any English speaking jobs in France for a non-French speaker?

6 answers

Flora    |   


Hey, Yes! There are plenty of job options for an English speaker here in France. Take your pick from these:

Estate Agent

How good are your salesman skills? Can you sell things? You could be an Estate Agent in France. There are ample of English speaking natives and expats who are interested in buying properties in France. There are plenty of Anglo estate agencies who hire native English speakers. You could try your hand at Leggett Immobilier.

English Teacher

From international schools to even state owned schools, there’s a demand for qualified English Teachers in France. If you are qualified enough you could get a good paying job as a lecturer in any of the French universities. For those who aren’t qualified up to that level, Private tuitions could work for them.

English speaking Nanny

Nannies are always in demand everywhere and trained English speaking nannies are more preferred. You don’t need to know French to be a good nanny. A lot of families look for an English Speaking nanny with the thought that it will help their kids in the future. Check au pair.


Nathan    |   


Hello! Well, there are a lot of good options for a non-French speaker to get a job in France. You could try your hand at these:

Vacataire/Lecturer: You could become a part time lecturer at a French University. The one who teaches English as a second language. It’s considered to be a good work profile. Bieng a pretty upscale job, you could be paid anywhere around €40-60 per hour as a part time lecturer.

NGOs & Social Groups: Paris has many NGOs and institutions that advertise plenty of jobs for non-French speakers. The OECD and UNESCO are the biggest employers here. You can check their job listings every week. Salaries here vary from €2000 to 4000.

Freelance Translator or Writer: You can easily work from home and write for a lot of online websites that require multi lingual content. You can also join some of the international communities like Fiverr where people hire you and pay you on a per word basis as a freelance writer. The average salary of a Translator is around €37,000 in France.


Bartender or hospitality services: when nothing else works, there’s always bartending and other jobs in the hospitality sector. There are plenty of foreign themed bars you could find a job at. They might train you as well and then hire you. You could earn up to €1,500 per hour as a bartender in France.


Tour Guide: Are you good with memorizing routes, history and dates? If yes, you can always work as a tour guide. You can pursue an online diploma or accreditation for becoming a tour guide in France. Travel, show people around and get paid. Nothing better than that, eh?



Norah    |   


Hey, have you checked Glassdoor or Linkedin or may be AngelList? Plenty of options available there.

Hope you find what you need.


Christopher    |   


Hey, Thank you all for posting the replies. 

No Norah, I haven't yet. Will do. Thanks!


Emily    |   


Hello. I think you need to check a few sites for finding jobs in Paris. Check these:

  • Expatica
  • Mister Bilingue
  • Speaking Agency
  • Indeed
  • Hotel jobs
  • Craiglist
  • The Network
  • Step Stone

Ray    |   


I am listing a few French recruiting agencies here for you:

Aquent, Manpower, Adecco, H&R, APEC, Cabinet Recrutement Specialise, Ples Convergence, Charrette Service etc.  These might be useful for you. Go through their websites and get in touch with them.

Hope this helps.

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