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How much will it cost to if I stay in London for 10 days?

3 answers

Amelia    |   

Hi Zoe.
Let’s see how your travel budget should look like for a 10 day London trip. By what I know of travelling in London, it will cost around £116 in a day for a single person. That will round off to expenses amounting to£1160 for 10 days. A couple staying in London for 7 days would need anything around £1,624. This includes food, lodging, transport, and any other general expenses.

Beatrix    |   

I think food, accommodation and transport are the major areas of expenses for every trip. London is an expensive city, if you ask me.
Food- For food keep£5 to 10 aside if you are tarevlling alone. A meal for two can easily add up to £15-30 which will be at an above average restaurant nothing very pricey.
Transport- London has a fairly well-connected transport system. The underground or the metro is the best way to travel around the entire city. However, you can rent a car as a well. An Oyster Card is the best option. The costs are divided zone wise. The minimum price for travelling in a day is£12 a day while maximum is £14. If a car rental suits your requirement, it will cost as much as £150 in a week for a single person and£200-300 for four people including the luggage.
Accommodation-for a single person a one bedroom apartment is a great budget friendly option and it doesn’t even cost much. For a one bedroom apartment the rent will be£40-100 per day at the max. For two people the rental cost will range from £100-150 and for four or more people it will be a little higher than £200.

Flora    |   

There could be other expenses you might need to take care of on your trip. These may include tour costs, airfares, and personal expenses including shopping and medicine.
Travelling to and fro from London-airfares might range from £1000-1500. The same might lower down to £500 during off season.
Tour costs- a private tour to the most popular attractions around the city will cost around£300-400. There are however some free guided walking tours too. I guess, you need to pay something as a tip. Some walking tours are kept free for the purposes of charity. You could opt for those as well.
Food- a great tip to save some costs on your lunch and breakfast would be to find some good offers around the area where you are staying.
Personal expenses-a single person living might have to shell out £100 in a week for personal expenses.
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