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I guess tourist season came early this year because I haven't been able to take the kids since weeks! The crowds are mad! What would be the best day of the week to visit from a local's perspective?

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Ross    |   

0       Hi! I'm Ross and I handle lots of the content writing at Thank you for your question! Due to it's popularity (as well as the other great features nearby such as The Royal Academy of Music) - the area is rarely not busy! I'd suggest visiting during the evenings between Monday and Thursday, or see what time they are open until on Sundays.

Alexander    |   


Unfortunately, a place like Madame Tussauds is never going to be empty so you can take your chances. If you want  to avoid crowds, then don’t visit during the weekends. On a weekday, either go during first admission or during the afternoon to avoid some crowds at least.

London is, by itself, a popular place for tourists and anywhere especially in central London is going to be packed. Madame Tussauds is no exception and being a globally recognized attraction, it brings in the crowds in droves. It’s not a small place to explore so keep aside 2 hours to get through the entire museum, and more if you are visiting with children (they tend to run around!)

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