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I am planning to apply for a paid internship. I have no idea which are the best options abroad. Anyone here applied for one? Where should I apply?

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Jacobs    |   


Hi there!

Which field do you wish to pursue for an international paid internship? Some of the broad fields to find yourself a good paid internship abroad are Business, Life Sciences, Marketing, Finances, International Relations, and Engineering. Even if you have Arts and Humanities as your major subjects, don’t lose hope, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

Good luck!



Samuel    |   


Have you considered an exchange programme or a direct internship? Areas like Law, Politics, Sociology and Sciences require a lot of paperwork and research. There are often organisations which can help you with that and also connect you with the right institution. You can check some of the exchange programmes providers listed here that can help you with that:


IES Internship

Asia Internship Programme

Institute of Global Studies


Jackie    |   


It’s great that you are considering a paid internship abroad.

I prefer Germany. I think it’s a great place for studying and earning on the go. It’s not just a beautiful country rather it is also considered as one of the healthiest economies in Europe. There are ample of international companies stationed in Germany waiting to hire talented individuals.

First step is to inquire with your university if they have any international exchange programs or paid internship offers from abroad. They might connect you and refer you to the right institution. If you don’t find any information there. Then go online. You could check at a few options from the following for the chances of getting a summer internship in Germany: Der Praktikant, Job Guide or Berufsstart.

There are certain international organisations in Germany that help students in getting a paid internship. Check DAAD, AIESEC, German International Programs, Council on International Exchange, Cultural Visas, IES Abroad Internships in Berlin Germany, CIEE Global Internships, Berlin etc.


Llyod    |   


Europe is another preferred option in the list of countries offering paid internships. You can go for a Fashion Internship in Paris, Technology internships in Spain, History internships are there all over in Europe, an internship for medical students in Hungary, work for wildlife conservation and intern in Croatia if that is your calling, dabble in Performing arts in London or learn a few tricks in Accounting and Finance in Dublin, Ireland.

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