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Where can I adopt a pet dog in Hong Kong?

4 answers

Hugo    |   


Hey, I hope you are not looking for a specific breed for adoption because all of these little souls at the adoption centre need a good home. Please pick up one only when you have an intention of giving a new home to any of them. It’s a grim scene at the pet adoption stores. People just leave their pets at the door. It’s inhuman to do that.


Rony    |   


It’s great to know you wish to adopt a pet dog. Though I would encourage you to pick any species which needs a new home and suits your home space. Also, don’t adopt a large breed of dog if you have a small home.


Gloria    |   


It is great that you wish to adopt a pet and give him a new home, however there are rules in Hong Kong. I would like to draw you attention to some very important points here.

Animal Laws of Hong Kong: Before you adopt a pet dog, do make sure you go through the Animal Legislations laid out on the Hong Kong Department of Justice Website for laws on animal abuse, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Dogs and Cats Ordinance, the Wild Animals Protection Act etc.


Dog Licence: It is illegal to keep pet dogs above 5 months of age without a licence. You need to get them licenced at the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department.

Ban on Dogs: Tenants in a Public Housing are banned from keeping pet dogs of a large size. Small dogs, cats and birds are allowed as pets but dogs are still prohibited. It is only under special circumstances that dogs are permitted which is subject to the approval from the housing authority.


Harry    |   


My advice to you would be to look for legal Pet adoption centres. SPCA is a recognised one. Lifelong Animal Protection Charity is another good place.

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