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Why do people wear Poppy flowers and Rosemary on ANZAC Day

2 answers

Annabel    |   


Hey! It is interesting, I was reading about it the other day. Poppy flowers represent the fallen soldiers who laid down their lives in wars the world over. Its relevance grew after the major wars around the world, particularly the World War-I, as they say, the poppy was the only flower growing on the barren battlefields in France and Belgium.

The men from the army are said to believe that red in the flower came from the blood of the fallen soldiers. Have you read John McCrae's famous poem-'In Flanders Field'? There he has glorified the poppy flower as a memorial and a symbol of the martyred souls.


Daniel    |   


Hey, Yeah! She is right about those Poppy flowers and its pretty much the same story for Rosemary, which was the only plant that grew on the Gallipoli Peninsula after the fall of the brave ANZAC forces. Perhaps, that’s why it’s relevant.

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