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I am moving to UK with my family of four in May 2019. Need advice on moving to London.

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Shafi    |   


Hey, which district of London do you plan to stay in? There are 32 boroughs in London. All are good places. Your choice of locality should depend on your budget and the size of your family. I have been to some great neighbourhoods in London, liked them all so far. Notting Hill, Chelsea, Aldgate, Shoreditch, Mayfair, Kensington are all great places to stay with a family.


James    |   


I agree with him. What is your budget? It is a bit costly to live in London.

To make it easier for your comprehension I am laying it out in general terms. Here’s an area wise break-up of the average cost of accommodation for one bedroom rentals in London:

  •    East London: £900 to 1000
  •    West London: £850 to 960
  •    South London: £720 to 840
  •    Central London: £350 to 467


Let’s take an example: A three bedroom flat in City Centre might cost anywhere above £2000. So first decide which area of London you are moving to and then make a wise choice.


Rex    |   


Hi Ava.

Will you be working somewhere in London? If yes, what would be your average salary? Keep around £2000 spare for accommodation. An average pub meal will cost about £12 while a restaurant meal costs around £25. Add to that the cost of groceries and laundry for two people including toiletries and you get £10. Moving on to average school fees in London-fees for a day prep school is £15,000 per annum while senior school fees is around £25,000 pa.  


Jhon    |   


Hey Ava. Hope you are doing well.

London is a great place to live. It has superb connectivity and transportation. It has a thriving network of tube and train stations with major connecting stations falling along all the prominent locations in London. Refer to the area guides of London before moving here. Read up a bit about the city and know its culture and history.

Also, if you don't mind can I ask where are you from? If English is a second language for you, make sure you appear for IELTS or any other internationally standardised English proficiency test. Do check with the official government website of UK at Gov.UK for the regulations.

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