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Anybody here fancy a bit of golf? Hit a few balls over the weekend! Suggestions for sports club in and around the city will be great! Thanks

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Ross    |   

0       Golf courses in London are few and far between! I know that there is a great place in the City (City Golf) that has state-of-the-art simulators - serving food and drink. They get booked up pretty quickly though so best to plan ahead. Anyone know of golf courses in and around London?

Fred    |   

0       Thank you Ross! I shall definitely do that for early next year now. The weather hasn't been looking up since past few days anyhow so will have to put this thought on the back burner. Pity.

William    |   


London is a great place to play golf and there are quite a few options around the City and some further afield as well:

  • The City Golf Club is located near Bank tube station and is a futuristic version of a golf course. Improve your swing at one of the simulators, either by yourself or with friends. Not only are the simulators great for playing golf, but there is also a bar here which means you can have a great time all evening. The venue also offers some options for Motor Racing on the simulator.
  • London Golf Club is not located near the city but offers two beautiful golf courses to practice your moves in. The heritage golf course was host to the 2008 & 2009 European open and is a gorgeous green space to play in. The second course is called the international and is known as one of the finest downland courses in Europe. This course was also home of the 2014 Volvo World Play Championship and most recently was host to the Regional Open Qualifying School and the European Tour Qualifying School.
  • Highgate Golf Club: 18-hole golf club that’s very close to central London, close to Hampstead heath and Kenwood House. To enter this club you need to be accompanied by a member of the club.
  • Harrow Hill Golf Club: Located in Harrow Hill, this golf course provides the option to train with an ex-European tour player Simon Bishop. It’s a laid back par 3 course that will help you improve your golf skills.
  • Northwood Golf Club: this course is 16 miles away from London. It is a large golf course with plenty of rolling countryside in the course that allows you to play all year round.
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