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Hi all! I will be coming over to London in the last week of August for a month-long project. I am booked to stay at one of your serviced apartments in Shoreditch. On reading your area guide for Shoreditch, I noticed quite a couple of good restaurants and eateries in and around my stay. Can anyone tell me what is the general percentage for tipping in restaurants? Should I be tipping in bars and pubs as well? TIA

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Sid    |   

Best Answer 1       Most restaurants here will add a service charge in London, but in bars you dont really tip. They may actually be surprised here if you tip - a happy surprise...unlike NYC, where if you dont tip for your grey goose and soda, the bar tender is going to take ten minutes to serve you next time you ask for a drink!

Philippa    |   

0       Hi Tia, There is no rule as to whether you should tip or not, this is completely your choice dependant on the service you have received. Many places in London -particularly central London do add an optional service charge to the bill (although this is not mandatory and can be removed). The service charge is usually shared between all staff members including those that are not front of house, however you can always choose to pay an additional tip to the person that served you.
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