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I am planning to visit England this summer. Just wondering if I could lay my hands on some travel hacks before my extended stay in London?

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Liam    |   

This is a great question and many of us would want to know quick hacks or shortcuts whilst we are on a trip. So, London is not difficult at all. It is one of the best destinations in the world. It welcomed more than 18 million visitors in 2017 and is looking forward to host more in the coming years.
There are a few tricks you need to know when you are visiting London. Some good hacks you could try are:
Oyster Card: get yourself an one as soon as you arrive in London. The smart card allows you to travel on tubes, buses, trams, DLR, London Overground etc. it is going to make your everyday commute easier.
Map: Keep a printed map handy to quickly know the routes around popular destinations. You could keep a travel map of London as well as a tube map with you. Google Map would work too, but in case if there is no WiFi, the printed will help.

Thomas    |   

Do note down a few key pointers before travelling to anywhere in the world:
  • Find the ‘free to visit’ places first:

  • Museums- they are free to visit almost anywhere. The Museum of London and the British Museum are at the top in the line of free places to visit.
    National galleries and historical places: The National Gallery of London, Palace of Westminster, and Tate Modern are all free for the public.
  • The parks are free-You can take an easy stroll around the park and some of them offer beautiful panoramic views to whole of London’s skyline. The list of free parks are:

  • Greenwich Park
    Kensington Gardens
    Hampstead Heath
    Victoria Park
  • Places with free WiFi/hotspot:

  • Know your way around London’s streets and lanes. There are plenty of places and spots with free hotspots. You can sign up with the O2 free Wifi internet service. Here’s a quick list of places you can use free wifi at:
    Tourist spots-National Gallery, British Museum, Tate Britain art gallery
    Cafes and Restaurants-Costa, Foyles Cafe, Starbucks.

    Millie    |   

    The best way to travel around London is to walk. Just walk and watch your way around the streets and take the tube. The underground tube stations are the best way to travel around and visit every inch of the city. And do keep the London weather in mind. The unpredictable weather can mess things up coz it can rain anytime. Keeping an umbrella, or a mac and a pair of boots in your bag is advisable. 

    Isaac    |   

    Don’t miss out on the free coffee. There are plenty of ways of getting a free cuppa anywhere in London. You can get yourself one of those cards with free credits that will entitle you to a free cup everyday. Waitrose groceries offers a Waitrose Card which can get you a free cup at Waitrose Cafe. The Booths also offer the same card. The Leekes store has a privilege card for members. Some restaurants and shopping malls hand out Discount Meal vouchers that you could bank on. Do check with the locals about it.
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