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Hey all, I need good ideas on where to visit in London. Can anyone let me in on the hidden gems in London?

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Elsie    |   

Hey Clover.
I have picked up some rare gems for you:
The Crossness Pumping Station-built originally as a sewage system, it is a thing of beauty with its victorian cast iron interiors.
The lavish V&A Cafe in Knightsbridge-it is a 1860’s lavish cafe with a gallery and grand interiors.
The Barbican Conservatory- is the name of a magnificent tropical experience in the centre of London. From bizarre fish species to exotic plants, flowers and herbs.  
St. Duncan’s ruins-the old parish church that stood the test of time and saw the World War II.
Leake Street Tunnel art- this secret spot is a contrast to everything classy in London. This 300 metre long tunnel is marked with bizarre graffiti, cartoons and colors.

Alex    |   

Hi there Clover, there are innumerable spots you could visit in London anytime of the year. Here are the prominent ones where you can eat, shop and drink.
Shopping: Leadenhall market is the oldest of markets that still exist in London. The covered market is not just famous as a preferred spot for dining and shopping for the Londoners. It is also a place where some of the famous scenes of Harry Potter were shot.
Restaurant: Feng Shang Princess is the only floating Chinese restaurant at Prince Albert road.
Drinks: Have a pitcher of old english ale at the best old pubs of England. Ye Old Mitre at Ely Court, the Old Bell Tavern at Fleet St, and Covent Garden’s Lamb and Flag are the top ones.

Eugine    |   

A few more good ones worth trying:
The Science Museum at Exhibition Road is the most famous tourist attraction in the city with millions of visitors that throng it every year. The Wonderlab at the Equinor Gallery explores the mind of a scientist through everyday maths and science concepts.
God’s Own Junkyard, the creation of Chris Bracey’s neon heaven with glowing art, props, cafes and more.
The Tate Galleries are the four great art galleries at Tate Britain are just a marvellous place to experience the art heritage of Britain. It is home to art from the 15000’s of the old English times; native and international art; and the most picturesque art gallery of the lot that sits near the Atlantic ocean is the Tate St. Ives.
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