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Good Turkish Cafes or Restaurants in town? Suggestions?

2 answers

Grace    |   

0       I highly recommend Best Mangal Bar & Restaurant. During my stay I could only eat there once. The food was so amazing and the baklava was even better!

Joshua    |   


In London you will find a wide variety of Turkish coffee shops thanks to the large number of Turkish people in the city. There are people from all parts of the world working in London and Turkish coffee is one of the best in the world:

  • Numara Bos Cirrik: The coolest restaurant in Dalston, this Turkish restaurant serves delicious Turkish coffee as well as Turkish sausage and eggs, garlic lamb beyti and delicious grilled dishes.
  • Gokyuzu: Along with delicious Turkish coffee, you can sample the charcoal-grilled chicken beyti, cheese-filled lavash bread and salad with yoghurt.
  • Mangal Ocakbasi: This is a famous kebab restaurant that specializes in grilled meat, houmous, and make delicious cop sis and tavuk beyti.
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