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I am applying for UK spouse Visa next month, any expert advice on how should I go about it?

3 answers

Clover    |   


Are you settled in UK? There are a few basics that you need to take care of before you apply for a Spouse visa. First and foremost are the Finances. You need  to fulfill the ‘minimum financial requirement’ i.e. you should be earning a certain amount or have enough savings to qualify for applying for your spouse. To call your spouse you should be earning £18, 600 for a spouse with one child your earnings should be £ 22, 400.

Referral website:


Angus    |   


Do visit the official website for more clarity on this since I am not familiar with UK Visa rules, the official website may help:


Elsie    |   


Hello. I don’t wish to disappoint you here but often spouse visa applications get rejected on one or the other ground. So be thorough with the  procedure and requirements when applying. The most common ground is false documentation and there are cases where something was missing in the document due to lack of knowledge or a careless mistake and the Visa officials categorized it as false. You could file an appeal or get help from an Immigration adviser. The best will be to talk to him before applying to be on the safer side.

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