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How different is Vienna from Berlin?

4 answers

Kyle    |   

Hey, that’s a great question. Not much of a difference in both the places. The two cities are just 7 hours away from each other. If a clear distinction is required, then discussing the answer under various headings will help.  
Weather in Vienna and Berlin are more or less same with average temperatures of 19℃ in summers to -1℃ in winters. There’s just a very thin difference in the weather with Vienna being more dry, warm and sunny than Berlin. If you like that, then Vienna should be the obvious choice.  

Ray    |   

Let me add a point here. If you take my opinion, Vienna surpasses Berlin in overall city make up. The ambience in Vienna is more historic in terms of architecture and heritage. Both are the capital cities-Vienna is the capital of Austria and Berlin is the capital of Germany. Nothing goes amiss. It’s more of a personal choice.

Tanner    |   

The cost of living in Vienna is not very different from Berlin. The numbers don’t show that much of a high or low in both cities. The average cost of living in Vienna for a family of four is around €2, 689 while that in Berlin is around €2, 567. The weather is pretty much the same as well. So your choice should depend on the purpose for which you wish to go to Vienna or Berlin. A good job offer from either of the cities will hold you in good stead at both the places.

Kelly    |   

Nothing major can be said in terms of differences between the two. It has to be a draw between Berlin and Vienna. The transportation facilities at both places is convenient and fuss free. Culturally as well nothing is amiss from both the cities. Vienna is known for its fascination with music and is often called the ‘Music Capital’ of the world. Considering the two places share a fair bit of history they are more of like cousins.
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