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I am planning to visit Hong Kong later this year. Is it a nice destination to visit?

4 answers

Sage    |   

Hong Kong is one of those cities where the skyline never ends to grow. It has the largest number of skyscrapers. It beats Singapore in living standards and the food here is great. You won’t be disappointed by Hong Kong’s sheer vibrancy and mixed cultural outline. Have a great trip!

Parker    |   

Hey! You should definitely visit Hong Kong. I agree with the living standard part. They are definitely great here. It is liveable for sure and even great as a holiday destination.

Skylar    |   

It’s not just the skyscrapers you get to see from the balconies here every night. The natural landscapes cannot be missed either. The hiking trails here at the Dragon’s back, Po Toi, and Lantau island are breathtaking. The Victoria Harbour is enchanting both during the day and night and of course the food cannot be missed at any costs. The cuisine is sumptuous and full of options.

Lincoln    |   

It is a shopper’s delight and a fashionista’s paradise. Hong Kong has some of the best street food on offer with spicy satays and quick sumptuous food on the go. The Dai Pong Dongs or street food stalls of Hong Kong are extremely famous and what better reason there could ever be than food to visit any place in this world?
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