London Relocation Services : Childcare, Schools & Leisure

Chapter 4

Moving to London : Healthcare, Childcare & School

As you plan your relocation to London, you need to give plenty of thought to any dependents who might be accompanying you as well. If you have children, moving to London will mean researching schools for small children or finding suitable childcare for children too young to join a full-time school. Keeping this in mind, the 2018 London eBook covers topics such as resources to help you find reliable childminders, how much to pay them, where to find day nurseries, nursery schools, nannies and au pairs.

Those with older children will turn to the in-depth guide to London schools where you can read more about the difference between public and state schools and the difference in cost of education between the two. You will also find out how and when to apply for the new school term.

Moving to London with children is about more than just work: in this chapter, we show you how to have a great time with your kids with all that this vibrant city has to offer. Whether its children’s sports activities to keep their energy levels high, discovering child-friendly parks, attending musical events aimed at children or joining globally run community mentorships to help young minds flourish, the 2018 London eBook covers it all.

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