Clarke Quay: Explore Singapore

Frequent visitors to Singapore will always tell you how easy it is to find somewhere new to visit in the city, and something new to do.

There are many districts in Singapore, each offering something a little bit unique compared to the others and Clarke Quay and Riverside are no exception.  If you are serious about truly exploring Singapore then this area should be high on your list.

Clark Quay Singapore

Clarke Quay fully embraces the modern side of Singapore and is one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of the city.  As the name suggests, it is located by the edge of the water and is home to Singapore’s most happening nightlife scene, with bars and clubs lining the two riverbanks, accompanied by a few high quality restaurants and eateries.

The financial district of Singapore is just a stone throw away, but despite this evidently modern outlook, there are also some throwbacks to Singapore’s past to be found here.  If you look carefully you’ll be able to spot Chinese junks moored by the riverside as well as old colonial shops. Of course nowadays they have been converted into chic bars and restaurants.

Clarke Quay, Singapore

If you’re looking for apartments in Singapore, then you can’t go far wrong choosing serviced apartments in Clarke Quay that are offered by  Staying in Clarke Quay itself is also the best way to explore all it has to offer.

Clarke Quay is centred around the Singapore River, which rather than being just a beautiful backdrop for your meal or drinks, also has some more practical uses too.

Clarke Quay boat tour

Boat tours are on offer which take you the entire length of the river itself.  You can see all there is to see along the way, including historic bridges and landmarks, before ending up in Clarke Quay for your evening meal or drinks.  You can even go as far as Boat Quay or Marina Bay.

A short walk from Clarke Quay you’ll come across a beautiful colonial style building which is the Asian Civilisations Museum.  If you really want to learn about Singapore’s fascinating diverse history then this is certainly the place to visit, though make sure you set aside plenty of time.  If you only visit one museum during your stay then this is the one to consider most highly.

Asian Civilisations Museum

If you’re looking for some truly unique family entertainment then Lockdown Singapore is definitely worth a try.  You will find yourself in a real life escape game where you have to work as a team to find your way out of a room.  Every room has a different puzzle and they range in difficulty from easy to very challenging. If one of your party is claustrophobic, don’t worry, there’s always an emergency escape!

From high end restaurants and clubs to river cruises and alternative entertainment, Clarke Quay has plenty going on.

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