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High Rise Serviced Apartments in London

London has some of the most irresistible skyscraper views in the UK. As of 2018, the number had been a whopping 31 skyscrapers touching a height of 492 feet. That's exactly the view that we at TheSqua.re wish for our travellers to chase. Our exclusive range of high rise apartments in London come with a vision to share a taste of heights with the travellers. Families, groups of friends, or even individuals who genuinely wish to admire the beauty of this city like it deserves to be admired, they must try our range for once at least. With high-end facilities like sparkling swimming pool, cocktail bar, business centre, an entire terrace, a luxurious kitchen with hi-tech amenities, and every minute detail, each of our high rise apartments has been designed to perfection.

Our Best High Rise Apartments in London

With some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country, London is quite justified to be so popular for its high rise apartments. We get requests ranging from the finest of all sky-high apartments to even the affordable and middle-priced ones. We aim to cater to both preferences alike. While floors go from 20 to even 30+ storeys high, one can even customise the kind of amenities one wants to be included. No matter what, each traveller looking forward to trusting us can be assured that the view from your apartment is going to be worth a million dollars. With a larger vision to make sure that each stay with us right in the heart of London is made as memorable as it could be, we have curated some of our best state-of-the-art apartment sets. 

Some of our handpicked high rise apartments in London include:

Why Should You Book a High Rise Apartment in London?

In a posh city like London, waking up to a view from the 22nd floor is the kind of luxury that one must demand. To let our adventurous travellers enjoy the finest slice of London, we have come up with our luxurious living pads. With an entire range of high rise apartments in London oozing of luxury, one can expect to be spoilt with endless high-end choices. If one dares to dream and likes a taste of heights, this can be the best possible vacation. With amenities like a lavish swimming pool, view of the sparkling waters from your terrace, and other 5-star services, one can expect a dreamy stay right in the heart of London. The location of each state-of-the-art high rise apartment makes sure that travel to and from your temporary workplace or London attractions as per the itinerary is the quickest. No matter which motive you come with, the detailed grandeur of living in our high rise apartments will make up for every single thing.

Facilities in Our High Rise Apartments in London

This is an agreed fact that a high rise apartment works way differently than a smaller apartment snuggled in some warm community corner. While both have their distinctive charm, making errands to the markets for daily essentials or groceries seems more convenient in the latter. We understand how difficult it can be to hop off the skyscraper and get a rental car to go all the way to the market for every little thing. That is exactly why we have curated each apartment in a way that one doesn't need to go anywhere for things that are needed for everyday comfort. From groceries to booze, everything is sorted in each of our eclectic high rise apartments in London. 

Some of these top-notch amenities that are either complementary or can be accommodated at an additional cost include:

  • Swimming pool
  • In-house sauna
  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Cocktail bar
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our High Rise Apartments in London?

London being the ideal destination to chase, high rise apartments have a lot of choices to exploit. Understanding the potential that it came with, we have curated our fine serviced apartments and villas in some of the most popular postcodes all across London. Canary Wharf with its 2nd wave, Shoreditch, Bankside, the South Bank and so many cream neighbourhoods have made it to our map of high rise apartments in London. Not only are these chosen neighbourhoods close to the premium attractions of the city but also the hubs of designers, entrepreneurs, and media houses. These features rarely available in every executive postcode makes it a classic choice among both corporate and leisure travellers. 

Our high rise apartments in London can be found in the skyscrapers of the following neighbourhoods:

  • Kensington - One of the most expensive neighbourhoods in London and home to several skyscrapers. It is sophisticated, posh, has a mix of vintage and high-end, and has a lot of variety to spoil you with. 
  • Chelsea - Another nearby neighbourhood counted in some of the finest and most expensive of London areas. Experience luxury at its finest here, both in terms of living standards and food experience. 
  • Canary Wharf - Mostly popular for business skyscrapers but being one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in London, it has a well-deserved variety of residential skyscrapers as well. A plethora of experiences and restaurants. 
  • Stratford - One of the most rapidly growing neighbourhoods, especially in terms of high rise apartments. Stratford soon is about to call several new residential skyscrapers it's home. It is an ideal combo for all kinds of travellers including couples and kids.

London Attractions Near Our High Rise Apartments

From disco to insane seafood markets, ice skating to one of the world’s tallest swings, high rise apartments in London promises everything together. Ensuring a collective experience of London City, some very exciting London attractions can be found around your chosen apartment. Not only are these attractions great for families, but most of them are ideal for kids as well. One can expect from a romantic evening below a starry sky to a fun disco evening in Mamma Mia. Canary Wharf and Stratford are two of the most budding clusters of high rise apartments which have both variety and affordability to offer. 

Some of the notable attractions near our high rise apartments, especially around Stratford and Canary Wharf include:

  • Ice Rink - Make the most of this aesthetic experience on a starry night. This Canary Wharf attraction is equally loved by kids, families, and couples. 
  • Billingsgate Market - Thia traders’ market is a treat for anyone who likes to shop for seafood. A big no for vegans but a paradise for travellers who love to cook fresh seafood. The variety will blow your mind. 
  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - An ideal place for a day out with kids, this spacious park in Stratford has a mix of greenery and architectural beauty. 
  • The ArcelorMittal Orbit - Right within the Olympic Park is this wonderful piece of architecture. Enjoy the fantastic London views from the top and the tunnel slide as well.
  • Mamma Mia - This unique experience in Canary Wharf is one of a kind experience with a mix of gourmet food over a 4-course meal, a fantastic show and even disco over a memorable evening.

Best London Restaurants Near Our High Rise Apartments

From the Caribbean to Thai, pizza to cakes and artisan bakeries, our high rise apartments have so much to offer nearby. With East London and Central London being the most favourite choices for high rise apartments in London, a bunch surrounding the same area has been chosen for all our travellers. We make sure that no gem is left behind if someone decided to live in a particular neighbourhood. With proximity to most of the local favourites, it comes as our priority to provide access to some of the lovely local finds around your chosen apartment. After all, food is always the deciding factor of any and every stay in a new city. 

Some of the most popular restaurants near our high rise apartments in London are:

  • Neighbourhood - This pretty restaurant and bar is ideal for some pre-party cocktails in the heart of East London’s Stratford. 
  • Signorelli - This artisan bakery offers the most hearty brunch in the heart of East London. If a celebration has brought you to London, get a customised cake made from here. 
  • Common Greenway Cafe - This hidden gem of East London is known for its friendly staff and healthy menu. 
  • IFratelli - A fun takeaway joint offering delicious fish and chips. Stop by for a pizza which can be enjoyed in your nearest high rise apartment. 
  •  The Pie Crust Cafe - Head here for the delicious Thai menu and highly affordable prices. The ambience is quite cosy and warm. 
  • Stoney Hill - A treat for Caribbean cuisine. This is an ideal choice for a private restaurant setting and fresh carnival delicacies.

Cost of High Rise Accommodation in London

High rise apartments have a distinct charm in a city like London. Not all cities have exquisite skyscrapers to offer. On top of that, even if they do, the view is hard to match. Luckily, London has both to offer in its splendid beauty. We make available these fine luxuries at unbelievable costs. Finding such abodes in such an expensive city comes secondary because the sky-high costs of such properties make the process already intimidating. There can be nothing better than experiencing such high-end stays fairly priced on a quick trip to London. This has essentially been our vision to cater to all budgets and expectations. Not just that, one can expect the high ranged set as well where multiple additions of fine amenities can be accommodated as per respective expectations of the traveller. This is the broad set of budgets that we aim to cater to.

High Rise Corporate Accommodation in London 

With proximity to a lot of corporate areas of London such as the Bankside, Canary Wharf, and even Shoreditch, our high rise apartments have been designed for business travellers as well. Offering a mix of all parts of London, we make sure that the convenience of travelling to the workplace every day is retained. Apart from that, the modern interiors of the serviced apartments make sure that the idea of a business holiday is met. Even if one doesn't have much time to move around the city due to work pressure, just staying in our luxury abode will feel no less than a luxurious villa. With a lovely view of London to wake up to, our business travellers love to experience living with us. The convenience of home food and hygiene is also available with a fully-equipped kitchen. High-speed broadband and fine sunlit background make sure that your Zoom meetings are smooth as well. You can also flaunt your temporary abode on Skype calls back home.

High Rise Accommodation in London for Families

Spending a holiday with the family is one of the most cherished times of the year. Be it summer or winter, getting a cosy floor to yourself with all the comforts and the privacy in the world is nothing less than perfect. From enjoying lavish dinners on the modern dining area to just enjoying a round of scotch around the bar, the luxuries of our high rise apartments must be expected to offer both. The privacy of dancing all night to jumping over the fluffy beds, the kids particularly are going to be a fan. While the interiors of the house give you an absolute high-end hotel feel, you can always enjoy your good old pancakes in the morning. It doesn't end there as sneaking a romantic coffee together to the view worth a million dollars from up the top is something unique to the experience of living in a premium high rise apartment in London.

Centrally Located High Rise Apartments in London

Each of our high rise apartments is chosen with the utmost attention to its location. Its proximity to the nearest public transportation and availability of local cabs is particularly paid attention to. With Heathrow Airport and National Rail at quite convenient distances, every traveller choosing our serviced apartments is sorted for both international and intercity travel. However, when it comes to using public transportation, one most important recommendation would be to get a London Pass made for yourself. This will not only save you from long entry queues but also get you great discounts on most London attractions and travel. As far as experience is concerned, do try the famous hop-on and hop-off tour on the iconic red bus of London.

Some of the common Underground stations near our high rise apartments include:

  • Hounslow Central Station
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Goodge Street
  • Elephant & Castle Tube Station
  • Limehouse
  • Aldgate East
  • South Quay DLR
  • Chancery Lane

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