TheSquare.AI Programme Management

We are very excited to be launching TheSquare.AI, our new booking platform designed to allow corporate clients to set up their global travel programme their own way. It is has been purposefully designed to be customisable so it suits all requirements and works for them.


Here are the many astounding features on our booking platform that will be making your corporate stays easier and hassle-free:


Manage Your Enquiries

Receive fast responses and the best rates using our esteemed and reputable technology.


Make Enquiries

Submit enquiries and receive a response from our team of property experts, with several stylish apartment options, in less than an hour.


Book High-Quality Accommodation

Discover and book your next corporate stay in a matter of minutes. All apartments are designed to give the perfect space to unwind and live.


Control Costs

Keep track of all expenditures on your corporate travel arrangements and find numerous ways to save more using our AI-powered technology.


Manage Users

Monitor access to your personal and corporate accounts, ensuring added safety and security when booking your corporate accommodation.


Organise Your Travel Programme

Acquire AI-powered tools to control and effectively manage every aspect of your stay from day 1 using our simple framework.


Secure the Best Rates

Get industry-leading rates sent directly to you through our negotiation tool, compare the cost and be sure that the perfect stay is guaranteed.

TheSquare.AI Programme Management

Our software is built with programme management tools that keep you in control of your bookings with us and enable you to gain vital insights into your costs and more:

Take Control of Your Travel

Unlike other booking platforms, we put you and all of your corporate travel desires centre stage to give you the very best stay possible.

Manage Your Travel Preferences

If you have a particular favourite apartment or destination, all you have to do is submit your enquiries with one click. TheSqua.re.AI takes care of all the rest for you.

Only Book What You Like

Our "blacklisting" feature enables you and your staff to take out any apartments you don't like from future search results. That way, you can stay in the apartments that you like.

Keep Your Account Secure

Benefit from an efficient user management process so you can keep access to corporate travel in the right hands, tightening security and overall satisfaction in the process.

Gain Access to Sharp Analytics

Get insights into every aspect of your corporate stay, from the locations you're booking most to your average booking length, number of room nights booked per month and the average rent you're paying per night.



TheSquare.AI is what the future of business travel looks like and we hope you will be a part of it.

If you would like to know more or arrange a demo of our brilliant products, please

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