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Moving to Hong Kong : Expats guide

Relocating to a new city can be a daunting prospect for anyone. This eBook is a free guide to help anyone moving to Hong Kong and to help expats to get settled into one of the most vibrant cities in the world, offering practical tips and advice for getting the most of your time in Hong Kong.

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Chapter 1 : Accommodation

The most pressing concern when moving to a new city is the accommodation. In 2016, 297 million people visited Hong Kong and, out of this, a large chunk stayed for more than just a weekend. The first step to getting settled into Hong Kong is to find where to live in Hong Kong. Finding a place to stay is of utmost priority and this chapter tells you how you can find the best home for you.

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 Hong Kong relocation guide accommodtion
Hong Kong relocation guide travelling

Chapter 2 : Travelling like a local

Moving to Hong Kong means understanding how to get around town. The 2018 Hong Kong Relocation Guide explains each of the different modes of transport available to you including the MTR, trains, busses, taxi, car hire and bike hire.

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Chapter 3 : Cost of Living

Just because you are new to the city doesn’t mean that living expenses in Hong Kong should be a surprise. Knowing how much everyday items and services cost can help you with paying the right price for everyday living. To help clarify what your daily cost of living will be in Hong Kong, Chapter 3 of the 2018 Hong Kong Relocation Guide will cover topics such as the cost of food, cost of rent, cost of electricity, entertainment costs and other everyday decisions that will have an effect on how much it costs you to live in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong relocation guide healthcare

Chapter 4 : Healthcare

If you are going to be staying in Hong Kong for a while, it is important that you become familiar with the healthcare system. Understanding how the public healthcare system in Hong Kong works is important, as is understanding how to get health insurance. If you are moving to Hong Kong, you need to understand how international insurance works.

In our 2018 Hong Kong Relocation Guide, we list out the various hospitals that are located in each part of the city, so you know exactly where to go no matter where you are. .

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Chapter 5 : Tourist Attractions

Hong Kong is a city that is never short on places to see and things to do, which is why it is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether it is sights such as the Po Lin monastery or the world famous Temple Street Night market, there is always something new to discover in this vibrant city.

There is no lack of famous sights in Hong Kong and you will find plenty of tourist attractions all over town. If you are looking for places to visit in Hong Kong then chapter five of our 2018 Hong Kong Relocation Guide will give you plenty to explore.

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Hong Kong tourist attractions
Hong Kong childcare expat guide

Chapter 6 : Children & School

Moving to Hong Kong with children brings with it a further set of considerations. If you are moving to Hong Kong with a small child, then read chapter six of the 2018 Hong Kong Relocation Guide to understand the cost of childcare in Hong Kong. Read through all the options that are available to you including day care, home based care, childminders, nannies and more.

Those with older kids will want to read about the various schools in Hong Kong. Find out the best time to apply for admission and see how some of the most prestigious schools in Hong Kong rank.

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