Moving to Hong Kong: Expats Guide

Shifting to Hong Kong anytime soon? Here is a handy guide that will help you in covering the basics. Shifting to any new city may be slightly intimidating although you will find a handy guide here to help you.

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Chapter 1 : Accommodation

When shifting to Hong Kong, you will naturally require convenient and comfortable accommodation for settling into the city. You can take your pick from serviced apartments in Hong Kong that come with the best furnishings, fixtures, and amenities including well-equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, appliances, flat-screen televisions, and more. These will double up as temporary homes away from home while you find more permanent accommodation in Hong Kong which is a really expensive city.

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Chapter 2 : Travelling like a local

Travelling around Paris can be complicated for the uninitiated. This chapter will tell you all the Paris travel information you need to travel like a local. This Paris travel guide examines the Metro services, the bus services and train services across the city.

From Paris travel cards to travel information, this chapter will help you become better acquainted with Paris’ extensive travel network.

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Chapter 3 : Cost of Living

This chapter will navigate the cost of living in Paris, exploring  gas, electric, phone, television and internet bills, giving you the best platform to succeed in Paris.

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Chapter 4 : Tourist Attractions

When one thinks of Paris, one thinks of the Eiffel Tower, L’Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and Disneyland. Despite the iconic sites that are indelibly etched on the Parisian landscape, Paris’ is in a constant state of flux. Districts’ change, old buildings get restored, new buildings and business open.

In this chapter, we will detail Paris tourist attractions. But, beyond the grandiose facades and boulevards, you will uncover intimate courtyards, squares and gardens- the true poetry of Paris. The grandeur of Paris is uniquely inspiring, with the patchwork of the quartiers possessing an intimate feel.

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Chapter 5 : Healthcare, Childcare and Schools

In this chapter, titled,  we will compare childcare costs for your under 5s, look at private vs state schooling in London and highlight admission deadlines.

Your healthcare strategy is unlikely to be the most exciting aspect of your move, but it’s every bit as important as your accommodation in Paris. Here, we will explain the basic health care structure in France, explaining any possible fees you maybe confronted with and private healthcare alternatives.

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