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Sydney Tourist Attractions

An Insider’s Guide to Living in Syndey

This Sydney tourist attractions guide is designed with the intention of helping prospective residents of Sydney and expats to settle into Sydney. This guide explores all the practical issues that you may face when moving from the UK, answering questions that many have asked before.

Taronga zoo sydney

As one of Australia’s largest cities, Sydney, the capital of New South Wales is a major tourist attraction for anyone visiting australia. It’s home to the world’s biggest natural harbour. Perhaps the most iconic landmark people think of when they picture the city is the Sydney Opera house with its famous sail design. It’s here that thousands gather on New Year’s Eve to watch fireworks and bring in the new year in Sydney, but that’s not all that this incredible city has to offer.


The Sydney area has been home to humans for over 30,000 years. Quite a rich history! In 1770, Lieutenant James Cook landed at Kurnell, then 18 years later Captain Arthur Phillip brought the first ship of convicts to Botany Bay, founding Sydney as a Penal Colony - which would actually be the first European settlement in the whole of Australia. Convicts were then routinely sent to live in Sydney from Europe until the mid 1800s, which then saw a shift in Sydney’s politics and economics, with the city flourishing to become a globally recognised centre for culture and economics and a vibrant metropolitan hub.

Sydney Opera House

Opera House Sydney

If there’s one spot that Sydney is known for, its the impressive opera house built on the harbour with its iconic sail-like design. Many visitors to Sydney will head to the opera house - regardless of if they actually enjoy opera or not - just to have a photograph taken outside of the city’s most famous landmark.

Bondi Beach

Whether you surf or not, Bondi Beach is the place to head to if you want to see and be seen in Sydney. Popular with surfers and all sun worshippers, this beautiful strip of coastline is where you want to be on a summer’s day if you want to catch some rays or even, some waves.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another iconic Sydney landmark is the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge. Finished in 1932, the bridge offers a bridge climb and lookout to those wanting to get an impressive view of the harbour - both in the day and at night. The Sydney Harbour Bridge provides vistas over the entire harbour - well worth seeing as this is the world’s largest natural harbour and it looks stunning once the city lights up at night.


As well as being a popular metropolitan centre and the first European settlement in Australia, Sydney has fast become a melting pot of culture here too. You only need reference the city’s iconic landmark, the Sydney Opera House, to know that this city is arts-obsessed - a great place to visit if you love museums, galleries and the theatre.

Australian National Maritime Museum

australian national maritime museum

If you want to dive into the history of Australia and its deep relationship with the ocean that surrounds it, then this is the museum to visit. The Australian National Maritime Museum gives visitors a look at Australia’s link with the ocean, from leisure activities like surfing to defence and trade. The country is so reliant on the vast ocean that surrounds it, that this museum is invaluable in understanding a little more about the country and its culture.

Australian Museum

Delving into the rich geographical and natural history of Australia, the Australian Museum offers insights into the many different factions of wildlife and human existence of Australia over the years. Explore an exhibition and tour of the country’s most infamous and dangerous predators or take in ancient aboriginal artefacts for a deeper understanding of the history of Australia.


Sydney is highly regarded in its performing arts output, with much respect given to its popular Harbour shows. Theatre Royal and State Theatre are known for delivering ‘blockbuster’ type shows and musicals, similar to what you might find in London’s West End or New York’s Broadway. The Sydney Opera House too is an unmissable option if you love going to see a show - as this combine’s one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks with performances that are second to none.


Benefitting from great weather pretty much all year round, of course Sydney would have a lively sports community. Lovers of sporting events will want to visit the historic Henson Park grounds to watch a rugby game featuring the Newtown Jets. The Sydney Swans of the Australian football league are also ones to watch at Harbour City. If football (or soccer!) is more your thing, then book yourself a seat to the next Western Sydney Wanderers game and if cricket is what you want, then look up the Sydney Sixers.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and recreation sydney

Nielsen Park

For the ideal weekend getaway from the city, pack a bag and head to Nielsen Park. This lush spot just out of the city offers easy access to shark beach and is ideally located with impressive vistas over the water. Make sandwiches for the day and take a picnic, there’s plenty of shady zones to relax, take lunch and nap in peace.

Royal Botanic Gardens

You don’t need to be a plant enthusiast to love the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. This is a lush spot right next to Sydney Opera House offering the most comprehensive insights into Australia’s huge array of flora and fauna. Built in 1816, the gardens include 1 million specimens in total, plus there are impressive views over the harbour if you’re out for a weekend stroll.


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