The Best Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in San Francisco

Taking the plunge and making a move to a new city is intimidating for any person. However, those moving to a new city or a new country with their family have a thousand extra things to think about. There are plenty of family-friendly serviced apartments in San Francisco, but will the neighbourhood suit everybody? Is it safe, well connected and close to a good school? Is there a park nearby for exploring the outdoors? One of the best ways to find answers to your questions is to join a trusted travel community of expats who have been through a similar experience. However, to get you started, we have identified three of the best family-friendly neighbourhoods in San Francisco.

Russian Hill:

Russian Hill san francisco

Slightly removed from the busier parts of San Francisco but still very well connected, Russian Hill is a no-brainer neighbourhood for many families. The neighbourhood boasts a number of huge Victorian houses that are perfect for families, as well as a number of pleasant green spaces to explore. Although you’ll have to get used to pushing a stroller up those hills – that is the case in almost any San Francisco neighbourhood – the area is pleasant and safe for walking. San Francisco’s main attractions are all easily reachable by public transport, so families need not feel totally removed from the action.

Marina District:golden gate bridge

Although the Marina District has a reputation as one of the city’s nightlife hotspots, it is also a surprisingly pleasant place to settle down with a family. The neighbourhood’s proximity to the bay provides plenty of wide-open green space to enjoy with the family. The Marina District is brunch-heaven, too, so you’re sure to meet other parents and bond over a sunny coffee by the bay. The neighbourhood also offers plenty of trails with views of the Golden Gate Bridge – a sure crowd-pleaser for any family new to San Francisco.

Noe Valley:

self catering apartments san francisco

Also known as ‘stroller valley’, this neighbourhood has long since been one of the top choices for families in San Francisco. Benefitting from recent gentrification and a newfound hipster style, the neighbourhood is safe, friendly, but still full of San Francisco character. There are plenty of self-catering apartments in San Francisco for families, but the Noe Valley tends to offer a little more space and plenty of places to entertain the kids nearby. Dolores Park is within walking distance, and the light rail makes it effortless to get into the city centre. The neighbourhood is also home to the Noe Valley Wine Festival – perfect for the grown-ups!

Every family is different, and the perfect neighbourhood for one family might not be right for another. There is so much diversity in San Francisco’s neighbourhoods that you are sure to find somewhere that suits your family perfectly. However, to get you started on your journey to discover the ideal family-friendly San Francisco neighbourhood for you, visit and connect with frequent travellers and experienced expatriates in our trusted travel community. With information, discussion boards and community events – it is the ultimate resource for individuals or families planning a stay in a new city.

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