Group Accommodation in Amsterdam

Groups of many sizes come to Amsterdam throughout the year. From an awkward group of 3 to a giant size of 10, the city can be enjoyed by all sized portions. And luckily for all groups, there’s group accommodation right in the heart of Amsterdam that meets all their requirements so their city break is more than complete.

To put it simply, group accommodation is the ideal choice for those that prefer seeing the best cities in the world as a collective rather than a solitary individual. That way, the joy is shared both inside the apartments, where group living is made easy by spacious living areas, and outside, where more of the city can be covered and enjoyed.

Within the apartments, aside the obvious highlights and space to bring greater comfort to groups, there are flat screen TVs where everyone can enjoy the excitement of Dutch and international TV, a fully equipped kitchen where the whole group can pitch in to make something special, free Wi-Fi so everyone can stay in touch with family and friends, and cosy sleeping areas so the all groups can recharge for the next part of their stay.

But location means a lot to groups too. They want somewhere that every last person in the group can get something out of; be it one of the top attractions or a tasteful restaurant. While there are many neighbourhoods and districts in Amsterdam, there are always going to be those that come out on top. These include Centrum, De Pijp, Museumkwartier, Jordaan, Nieumarkt and Amstelveen, to name but a few.

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