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Area Guides-Paris

Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees is a boulevard in the 8th arrondissement of Paris that stretches from the Place de la Concorde to the Place Charles de Gaulle. Once the celebrated juncture for politicians and intellectuals, the avenue is now popular for its world-class theatres, cinemas, cafes and well-known flagship shops. All major celebrations like New Year's Eve and the Bastille Day military parade take place here for its spectacular view. Beautifully decorated gardens, symmetrical landscaping and fountains make the avenue stand high on its glory and grandeur.

Stroll in these immense sidewalks to see the graceful facades and leafy tree line streets to enjoy this most iconic boulevard.

To get to Champs Elysees, the easily accessible public transport is metro. You can take line 1 and get off at the Champs-Elysees-Clemenceau and Franklin D. Roosevelt stations to reach this neighbourhood comfortably.


The centre of academic life, Latin Quarter is an area in the 5th arrondissement of Paris and centres on the banks of the river Seine around Sorbonne. The area is full of interesting student hangouts, museums, churches, mosques and gardens. Latin Quarter derived its name from the fact that Latin used to be the most widely spoken language with students from all across Europe comingthere. The area today is full of cheerful and affordable cafes, bars and numerous shops. If you are a film buff, there are small cinema revival houses showing old American films.

Whether you like to soak in the history and culture of a place or love sipping coffee and lazing, Latin Quarter offers something for all kinds of travellers.


Louvre and Les Halles holds the reputation of being mystique, luxurious, fashionable, artistic and romantic. This beautiful neighbourhood attraction of Paris is greatly popular among both locals and tourists for its vibrant and lively atmosphere, showcasing grand squares, classic gardens, high-class cafes and ageless architecture. Other highlights of the neighbourhood areits boutique-filled boulevards that make your long hour exploration exciting and peaceful.

The area in around Paris’ 1st arrondissement is continuously changing and has evolved over recent years. One can find sidewalk cafes and artisan food shops on the busy streets of the neighbourhood, serving everything you need. A dynamic neighbourhood visited by millions of tourists every year.

The best way to reach this neighbourhood is by metro line 1. Get off at Les Halles, Louvre Rivoli or Palais Royale-Muséedu Louvre station. Alternatively, you can take the metro to Tuileries for a stroll through the gardens.


One of Paris’ most fascinating neighbourhoods, Marais spreads across the 3rd and 4tharrondissements in the capital city of France. It is situated on right bank of the river Seine and houses buildings of great historical relevance. The area has been rebuilt and reconstructed several times leading to diverse identities.

Hip boutiques, art galleries and exciting restaurants are all over Marais. The area is undeniably the epicentre of the cool and trendy. You could easily spend a long weekend in this neighbourhood of Paris, which exudes a distinct combination of old world charm and contemporary sensibilities.

Saint Germain

One of the most historic and fascinating neighbourhoods in Paris, Montmartre is a unique village settled in the metropolis. This iconic hilltop district was established is 1955 and is popular for its white-domed Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur on its summit.Artisanal shops, lively plazas, cobblestone streets and numerous ceaseless activities make this place one of the favourite destinations amongst tourists. Still today, the place has retained its village like charm as little developments have been done here since its establishment. Other highlights of this place are its ageing apartments, gas lamp lit staircases and corner cafes.

You can reach this site by accessing metro line 2 stations of Anvers, Pigalle and Blanche and the line 12 stations of Pigalle, Abbesses, Lamarck - Caulaincourt and Jules Joffrin.