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An Insider’s Guide to Living in Amsterdam

This guide has been designed with the explicit intention to provide expats and travellers with all they need to know about moving to Amsterdam.

This exciting chapter covers Healthcare.

Your health is something you have to take good care of. If you don’t look after yourself then you can’t enjoy your new surrounding or job in the city of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam medical services guide 

Health law and policy is, as expected, different from what you may be used to. If you’ve grown comfortable with a National Health Service  then you’re going to sailing into new territory.

The Netherlands requires all residents to take out basic health insurance.

But don’t worry, this chapter will bring you up tp speed on the healthcare system.

4.1 Health Insurance

As much as everybody loves public healthcare, not all countries offer it or they have a completely different set up. The Netherlands has one of the best healthcare systems in Europe and is highly regarded.

Every resident has to take out basic health insurance. This costs roughly €100 a month and covers such things like:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Stays at the hospital, surgery and emergency treatment
  • Ambulance services
  • Medicine prescriptions
  • Blood tests
  • Dental care for children under 18 years
  • Mental health care
  • Appointments with medical specialists such as dermatologists, allergists or internal specialists
  • Pregnancy, birth care and midwifery services
  • Maternity care

And much more…

However, you may find that you need or want more than the basic health insurance plan especially if you suffer, or have been known to suffer, from preexisting conditions and intermittent illnesses.

Health insurance

In that case it is best to check out what the major insurers have to offer. They include:

  • LoonZorg
  • ONVZ
  • OHRA
  • UnitedConsumers
  • Besured
  • Salland
  • ZorgDirect

Your new employer may well have enrolled you on a health insurance plan. It’s recommend that, if this is the case, that you check what it offers and covers.

International Health Insurance

If you’re planning on staying in Amsterdam for less than one year, a simpler option might be to choose an international health insurance plan, which covers you in multiple locations all over the globe. This could also be a very good option for you if you tend to travel extensively. Do your research however and ensure that the health insurance you opt for is one that is recognised in Amsterdam hospitals.

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