London Relocation Services : Banking & Other Utilites

Chapter 2

Moving to London : Banking & Other Utilites

The second chapter in our 2018 London eBook provides actionable insights into the London rental market, setting up basic amenities, utilities and understanding how the tax system works in the UK. All of these topics form essential reading for anyone relocating to London.

Arriving in London means having all the correct documents in place and the most important among those is your UK visa. Find out what the British visa requirements are before you land in London because understanding UK tourist visa requirements are a non-negotiable part of moving to London.

It is inevitable that a move to London is the result of a change in employment. Our 2018 London eBook aims to help readers understand how the tax system works in the UK and how much to expect out of your salary to be cut as part of income tax. Before you have a regular income flowing in, you need to understand how to set up a bank account in London- and that’s what this eBook will help you do.

No responsible adult will change cities without understanding everything they can about the bills that they will be paying. Our 2018 London eBook will help you understand everything you need to know about the cost of basic utilities including mobile phone, television, broadband and energy.

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