Key Highlights of Bangalore Literature Festival 2021

The Bangalore Literature Festival is one of the biggest events in the city’s annual calendar. The Lit Fest always draws the biggest and most acclaimed names from the city/country and world’s finest writers, thinkers, philosophers, artists and more. This year, the book festival in Bangalore is gearing up for a launch in December. 

Bangalore Literature Festival

Bangalore Literature Festival (Image Courtesy: )

About Bangalore Literature Festival 2021

The Literature Festival in Bangalore is dedicated towards commemorating the acts of writing and reading. Bibliophiles, bookworms, art lovers and cultural connoisseurs will love the comforting winter sun and greenery while enjoying the special sessions with international, local and national writers.

The event brings the entire literary kaleidoscope to Bangalore, offering creative and exhilarating conversations, fun, literary diversity and a lot more. Visitors will love the opportunity to meet and interact with the best contemporary and literary minds of today in the heart of Bangalore. 

Key Dates of Bangalore Book Festival 2021

The event details for the Bangalore book festival are yet to be announced. Registrations will begin soon for the event. The 10th Edition of the prestigious event is slated to take place on the 17th and 18th of December, 2021

How the Bangalore Literature Festival Started?

The Bangalore Literature Festival is a story of determination and creative inspiration. The city has always drawn creative thinkers and writers with its wonderful weather, greenery, parks and more. The festival celebrates this unique spirit of creativity and innovation while commemorating the city’s sheer literary diversity. Established as a non-profit trust in the year 2012, the festival has already completed 9 successful editions with more than 1,000 speakers and authors from India and foreign climes participating till date. 

The founders imagined the festival as a flagship annual festival that celebrates literature and creativity along with the city of Bangalore itself. Bangalore is not just known for its rich literary traditions in Kannada but also for its cosmopolitanism and its rich oeuvre of writers and poets. There are several interactive events, conversations, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and more every year. These are neatly topped off with wonderful classical music performances, movie screenings and more. A vast range of books come up for sale at the festival along with several other delights. 

Bangalore Book Festival

Bangalore Book Festival (Image Courtesy:

Friends of BLF is a group of people who have a firm belief in enshrining the public areas of Bangalore with events like the Literature Festival, making them come alive with cultural and artistic events for culturally stimulating and enriching conversations, debates, discussion and knowledge gathering. The group has always supported the festival while laying down the foundations for Nammadu, the original community-sponsored literary event and they donate their time, money and energy generously towards the current BLF. 

Key Draws of Bangalore Lit Fest in 2020

The Bangalore Lit Fest offered amazing treats for participants in 2020. Big attractions included the following: 

  • Grandparents’ Bag of Stories- Andaleeb Wajid and Sudha Murty
  • The Nine Lives of Pakistan- Neena Gopal and Declan Walsh 
  • Saturday Philosophy Club- Zac O’Yeah with Alexander McCall Smith 
  • Conversations with Winners of the 2020 Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay NIF Book Prize- Jairam Ramesh, Amit Ahuja and NIF Trustee, Manish Sabharwal
  • Azim Premji: The Man Beyond the Billions- Varun Sood, Pankaj Mishra and Sundeep Khanna
  • India Love Project- Samar Halarnkar and Priya Ramani 
  • One Arranged Murder- Shrabonti Bagchi and Chetan Bhagat 
  • Romancing the Black Panther- Usha KR and Rohini Nilekani 
  • Writing Satire- Milan Vohra and Moni Mohsin
  • New Age Archer- Nirmala Govindarajan and Jeffery Archer
  • The Story of my Captivity, Survival and Freedom- Geeta Mohan and Hamid Ansari along with Chandan Gowda 
  • Made in India- Mariam Begg, Milind Soman and Roopa Pai 

The 2021 edition of the festival promises to be equally exciting and bookworms are eagerly waiting for the announcement of more details by the organizers. If you are planning your trip during this time, book your serviced apartments in Bangalore and organize your travel tickets as well. Make sure you comply with all related travel guidelines too. Here’s to a stimulating and exciting experience in the beautiful Garden City of Bangalore.

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