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Corporate Apartments in London

Our London corporate apartments are some of our most popular serviced apartments in the world. It is no secret that London enjoys quite an impressive reputation for offering financial and business opportunities as an extension of its consistent economic performance over the decades. This popularity of the UK capital among global business officials has given a major push to corporate accommodation here. Such rising demands and the competitive market make the quality of living in the serviced apartments and top-class localities the only parameters to sustain. Curated with a lot of passion over the past decade, our London corporate apartments offer comfort and quality over and above anything else.

Our Best London Corporate Apartments

Considering the premium and most popular financial districts of the capital city, some of our best London corporate apartments have been clustered in specific neighbourhoods. The range includes Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, and Aldgate as the majority. This is because of the massive demand that comes our way from these particular neighbourhoods as each of them makes travelling to the office almost negligible. However, if you have a specific preference in the locality and travelling a little extra is fine for you, our efficient corporate accommodations are spread all over the city. West Kensington, Hammersmith, and Soho are some of the other demanded neighbourhoods which can be easily accommodated. 

No matter which particular area you choose, our corporate apartments are quite suitable for all business travellers about to call London their temporary home. Some of our finest abodes include:

Why Should You Book London Corporate Apartments?

When contemplating corporate apartments, there is one major deciding factor apart from the convenience to travel. It is the availability of entertainment sources that one can head to after a hectic day. This is exactly the reason why you should consider our London corporate apartments as we have gone through this experience ourselves and then curated this variety for you. There are trendy bars, nightclubs, both inexpensive and high-end restaurants, to classic markets to hunt for souvenirs before you leave. Even if it is a sports weekend, proximity to Stamford Bridge from our Kensington apartments is quite a hit. In short, each of our apartments has something very close for all your changing moods over the weeks of your stay.

Facilities in Our London Corporate Apartments

Whether it is a solo stay or a business team staying in the heart of London, our serviced apartments with an eclectic range of comforts and amenities promise a sophisticated stay. With stylish and minimal interiors and a cosy vibe, from studio apartments to 4 bedroom apartments, the elegance is well-ensured. During a business trip, looking after a full-fledged home gets very difficult. Our weekly cleaning department ensures cleanliness and comfort, from fresh upholstery to kitchen slabs, you are sorted. A grocery pack will reach you as well to make your cooking sessions as convenient as possible. Overall, our London corporate housing facilities make each of our apartments an ideal abode.

Apart from these comforts, some of the star amenities of our London corporate housing which collectively ensure a fantastic stay include:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking
  • Gym membership
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Lift access
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Sauna or Bathtub
  • Balcony
  • Study area
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Corporate Apartments?

There are several ideal neighbourhoods to trust for comfortable business stays in London City. The great part is that our corporate apartments are spread in most of these localities. From hip Shoreditch to sophisticated Canary Wharf, one can choose from several business hubs in the financial capital of the UK. While we have a bunch of areas to choose from, one thing that goes unsaid with each of them is that there are enough entertainment hubs around. Apart from the proximity to significant business complexes, there are enough pubs, restaurants, tourist attractions, and even markets to head to. Not only are your stays sorted but your weekends are covered as well.

Our London corporate housing can be found in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Shoreditch - Being the entertainment district and home to the financial hub of Liverpool Street at the same time makes it a rare combo that everyone seeks. 
  • Vauxhall - This residential district of London has gained a lot of popularity for its simplicity. The community park and city farm are soothing while the active gay nightlife stands out. 
  • Hoxton - With its popular street market, Regent's Canal, and Hoxton Square, it is a nice neighbourhood to stay in. The art galleries, hip bars, and Vietnamese restaurants are great to check out.
  • Canary Wharf - This urban hub is an ideal place to stay, especially for its various activities that take place all year round. The shopping hub and bars here really add to the vibe. 
  • Soho - It comes with Oxford Street, department stores, iconic jazz clubs by Ronnie Scott, and a whole lot of variety of dining and nightlife. A gem for theatre lovers as well. 
  • Hammersmith - It is famous for its annual boat race on the River Thames while King's Street is lined up with cafes and shops. Drinking dens, concert halls, and theatres are some of the attractions. 
  • Victoria - While the Westminster Cathedral is the most iconic, Victoria Place is a central site of this transport hub. Enjoy a play at the Apollo hub or choose from the plethora of restaurants here. 
  • West Kensington - An ideal residential centre that is always bustling with theatre, trade fairs, festivals, and simple Middle-eastern eating spots. One can never get enough of Asian food here. 
  • Fitzrovia - This diverse residential area is home to BT tower. An ideal place for business travellers in the advertising and architecture sector. The bistros and the pubs will take good care of the evenings.

London Attractions Near Our Corporate Apartments

While the city has a lot of space, just like in its heart, it is quite obvious that it comes with a plethora of attractions as well. When it comes to renting corporate apartments, one nearly forgets to even consider the proximity to some of the attractions. Finding accommodation near the concerned office building is pretty much all that covers the list of priorities. Either way, no need to worry as we have already taken care of the list of attractions for you. All the apartments are carefully chosen to allow you to enjoy a short outing whenever you can squeeze time in without any possible discomfort. 

No matter which particular apartment or neighbourhood you go for, some of the notable attractions near our prime corporate apartments in London include:

  • Finsbury Circus - With a bandstand, Lawns Bowl, and an experience close to Roman circus venues, it is the largest open space in a public area. 
  • Stamford Bridge - The home of the iconic Chelsea Football Club is the iconic site for all sports weekends. Take your business group along and cheer for your favourite team.
  • The Geffrye Museum - Home to 18th-century furnishings is an ideal attraction for history buffs. Walk through the gems of time and spend a nice afternoon away from work.
  • Hoxton Street Market - Hackney's oldest street market is in place since 1687, an ideal evening stroll near Shoreditch. One can always hint for gifts to take back home right before the trip ends.
  • Shaftesbury Avenue - The heart of the London-west, it is an ideal spot for theatre lovers with Lyric, Queen’s, and Apollo Theatre. Concerts can also be enjoyed here. 
  • Westminster Cathedral - The Catholic mother church with neo-Byzantine architecture from 1903 is ideal for a religious Sunday with friends. 
  • The Apollo Victoria - This magnificent marine-themed theatre is every drama lover’s paradise. The art deco here inspired by older cinema is breathtaking.
  • Olympia London - When in Hammersmith, just hop straight here for the most iconic exhibitions and conferences in London. The trade fairs are particularly interesting.
  • Queen’s Club - When in West Kensington, head straight to tennis tournaments with some of the best players performing here. An ideal sports weekend getaway.

Best London Restaurants Near Our London Corporate Apartments

Hunting for meals that are hygienic, affordable, and delicious is a tough task when the corporate stay in London extends to over a month. One gets bored of the handful of restaurants around and the desire for variety kicks in now and then. One of the most attractive features that our London corporate apartments come with is the feast for foodies. One can find over a dozen restaurants and eating joints near the chosen apartment which is a mix of high-end and inexpensive. From lavish dinners to hearty brunches, and quick breakfasts to evening snacks, each neighbourhood has something for all taste preferences alike. 

Some of the prime restaurants and the most popular street food joints near our premium London corporate housing are:


  • Big Easy - This hip pub-style restaurant offers authentic American cuisine. It is particularly interesting because of its gluten-free options.
  • Dishoom Shoreditch - This Hackney restaurant will take you back to Irani cafes in Bombay, India. A delight for the South Asian travellers heading over to London. 
  • Royal China - This eclectic selection of Chinese delicacies has a wonderful terrace by the Thames river. Oriental dining is at its absolute best. 
  • The Clove Club - This iconic restaurant on Old Street is a classic British restaurant serving elegant food in a warmly decorated setting. 
  • Big Easy Canary Wharf - With a home-smoked BBQ and fresh sea lobsters, this place is a heaven for meat lovers. The weekend brunch is a must-try. 
  • Big Moe’s Diner - This exciting restaurant offers a mix of American and British cuisines along with some popular grilled dishes. Its quirky red interiors make it a great place to hang out and click on Instagram.
  • Gloria - With a mirrored ceiling and a sparkling marble bar, this Italian beauty offers some of the best Italian delicacies.
  • Pizza East - A pizza paradise for all corporate travellers looking for a fun place to hang out and bond together amid business runs.

Cost of our London Corporate Apartments

While London falls in the slightly expensive section of living costs, the living standards are surely high as well. While the city has enough variety of activities and attractions for travellers with all budgets, our corporate apartments also follow suit. While the neighbourhoods like Canary Wharf and Kensington are some of the most expensive areas, there are quite a few which can be accommodated in tighter budgets. While a lot of choices can result in the inclining or declining of costs of our serviced apartments, some of which are the proximity to a certain business area, posh locality, high-end restaurants and pubs in the surrounding neighbourhood, and a lot more. Once the overall budget is fine-tuned, adjusting our apartment costs will be no biggie.

Corporate Accommodation in London 

Getting up before time to hunt for clean restaurants offering breakfast is quite a pain. Even if one manages to find a healthy breakfast nearby, making it to the meetings on time can get tricky a lot of times. With a kitchen just like home at your disposal, our corporate accommodation in London saves you from all that hassle. While one can easily prepare the ingredients a night before to ensure a healthy and timely breakfast, finding an inexpensive food joint for lazy meals isn't hard either. While the flatscreen TV, Bluetooth speakers, and cosy living room await you on weekends, exploring the city is easy too.


Shoreditch is any day one of the most popular neighbourhoods among business travellers. While a lot of our London corporate apartments are clustered in this particular neighbourhood, it is a celebrated mix of work and entertainment. Liverpool Street tube stations make connectivity to Cambridge and Brighton way easier.

Centrally Located London Corporate Apartments

From Liverpool Street to West Kensington, Canary Wharf to Aldgate, our London corporate apartments offer you a taste of some of the best financial hubs here. When living away from home, the schedule of getting up on time and managing breakfast to ultimately reach the office in time gets hectic every day. This is where our apartments come to the rescue. No matter how late it gets, most of the offices and business hubs are surprisingly available at walking distances. Even if a longer distance has to be covered on some days, with the tube stations just a short walk away, getting around the city gets a lot quicker. 

Some of the common Underground stations near our apartments include:

  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Hoxton
  • Liverpool Street
  • Canary Wharf
  • Aldgate
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Hammersmith
  • King's Cross
  • Victoria
  • West Kensington
  • Goodge Street

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