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New Year celebrations in the East

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New Year’s celebrations in the West are already well known. After the family Christmas celebrations are out of the way it’s generally the party to round off the party. A chance for adults to let their hair down. It’s a night of wild partying, drinking, dancing and staying up late. A night to see off […]

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New Year celebrations in the West


New Year celebrations are something which transcend countries, cultures, religions and borders. Most of the developed world follows the Gregorian calendar which means that the 31 December means party time!  It’s true that some cultures in some countries don’t traditionally observe this time as their New Year, such as Israel, India and China, but even […]

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Christmas celebrations in Europe

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One of the most rewarding things about travelling is seeing how people from around the world go about their daily lives. How does it compare to our own? How is it different? What are the things that are most important to them? You’ll certainly find that you’ll have lots of things in common, but even […]