One Month Accommodation London

One Month Accommodation London

Travellers that are staying in London need a well-furnished and homely place to stay in. Accommodation that exudes all the finest qualities of the city and has all the feelings of a place where someone can stay for a long time is the One Month Accommodation London the we offer. Complete with stylish furnishings and a modern appeal, we have a variety of one month accommodation options in London that any traveller, be they business or leisure, will find appealing to all of their requirements.

Our Best One Month Accommodation in London

As always, any diverse portfolio of serviced accommodation has its key and exemplary additions. While all of our apartments come with similar amenities, they nevertheless have their subtle designs, layouts and city locations that can add own sense of charm and make them more suitable for various reasons.

Below are a few of our finest One Month Accommodation London that are suitable for one month stays in the heart of London:

Why Should You Book One Month Accommodation in London?

One Month Accommodation London are the ideal choice for those eager leisure travellers or busy business travellers that need 30 days to explore the city or to get their project/business deal done and dusted. Our own One Month Accommodation London apartments have the benefits of long term guests in mind, regardless of why they’re in the city. Coming complete with amenities like spacious living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi and more, the reason why one month accommodation in London from TheSqua.re is a must-book can be attributed to the amenities that are offered, their central locations and cosy interiors - built for every group size from solo travellers to project teams.

Facilities in Our One Month Stay Apartments in London

When guests stay for one month or more, they need to fully utilize living space that has everything they require to relax, enjoy their destinations and feel right at home. Our team of property experts realises that long term travel experiences in London must come with no strings attached and have all the best parts of home brought along for the booking. That’s why there are amenities within the apartments that include a fully equipped kitchen to encourage healthy eating and to limit restaurant expenses. The free Wi-Fi enables all guests to keep in touch with family for late-night chats, or calls with the boss and team members for updates on a project’s progress. The flat screen TV brings the whole family together or large teams, and can be the perfect antidote to a business traveller that wants to take their mind off the events of the day. Meanwhile, the spacious living areas mean that all solo travellers, couples, families and work teams can spread out evenly and not be cramped in a small and claustrophobic apartment.

Other amenities can be included for stays up to 30 days at no extra cost (unless otherwise stated). Such amenities include the likes of a concierge service, a gym to stay fit, a business centre that can be used for meetings to save on travelling, a rooftop deck for city views and so much more.

Types of One Month Accommodation in London

Our award-winning portfolio has a wide selection of serviced apartments that can suit the long list of requirements of all travellers and groups. We know that every booking of the One Month Accommodation London  is going to be different. That the number of guests will be different and that the required space and bedrooms will fluctuate with each enquiry we receive.

That is why we have harvested the following ranges of London serviced apartments so every one month booking can be taken care of, and the perfect stay delivered:

  • Studio - A solo traveller or couple that desires an open-plan space will find that our studios will be their ideal new home in the city.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Not every couple or solo travellers wants an open space, they want their bedroom to have its own area and the same with the living room and kitchen. This is where these apartments come in handy.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families and groups of friends will discover everything they need in our spacious apartments.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - When the groups and families get slightly bigger, this is the better option for all.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - If the in-laws or aunts and uncles are also coming along for the 30 days’ trip, then these apartments have enough space to stop the bickering.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Long term projects need a team to reach the finish line, and such teams need all the space and amenities to work remotely and outside their apartment. The biggest choice, these apartments have the space to bring ideas and business strategies together.

Where Can You Find Our One Month Stay Accommodation in London?

London is one of the biggest cities in the world, so we ensure that we have serviced apartments in every top district that represents the best for leisure and business travel. One of the most rewarding things about London is that each district and area has its own character and feel. From the CBD to old fashioned spots, trendy areas and culturally relevant streets, we have apartments for the One Month Accommodation London requires to be explored, in areas that can make on month stays in London fly by.

These districts and areas include:

  • Knightsbridge - One of the very stylish districts of London, Hyde Park, Harrods and the Victoria and Albert Museum will be on the doorstep.
  • Paddington - While there won’t be any Peruvian bears to adopt here, the area is a top pick for those that want quick transport connections in and outside of London.
  • Notting Hill - Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts may have long departed, but the eponymous festival and its Portobello Market still make this a key area for those looking for an upscale London experience.
  • Camden - The epicentre of everything trendy in London, staying here is more than ideal for leisure travellers that want to be near Camden Market, or for business travellers that want to let their hair down outside of the office.
  • Fitzrovia - With upscale apartments and residential housing all in the same area, guests can have the best of both worlds inside and outside their apartments.
  • Canary Wharf - The number 1 district for business travellers, corporate headquarters, banks and fancy restaurants are all here for transactions and meetings to run smoothly.
  • Chelsea - Another trendy spot in the big city, quirky restaurants and sleek, stylish homes abound to make this a popular place to put up residence.
  • Holborn - With Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus close to apartments, it’s not hard to see why the worlds of business and leisure merge so seamlessly here.
  • Kensington - A very posh and upscale district of London, iconic homes and landmarks sweep the streets to make it a must-visit even for those that aren’t staying here.
  • Aldgate - The Sky Garden, The Gherkin and other London treasures bring a spark of business and entertainment to this central and well-connected district.

London Attractions Near Our One Month Stay Accommodation

When it comes to the UK’s capital city, there are certain landmarks that stand out. Whether it is the chimes of Big Ben, the enormity of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery’s dome or the slow-moving London Eye, there are some sights that are as synonymous as the crowded Underground. However, we know that guests of all kinds, be they solo travellers or families, want the best of the capital near to their serviced apartment so they can indulge freely. With 30 days to spare in the city, guests will have enough time to explore every corner of the extravagant metropolis.

Some of the great London attractions near our one month stay accommodation include:

  • Oxford Street - The shopping street to end all shopping streets, the biggest brands fill the streets, exciting every consumer to splash out more.
  • Westfield Stratford - One of the biggest shopping centres in East London, it has plenty of big shops as well as a food quarter and a VUE Cinema for added entertainment and convenience.
  • Palace of Westminster - The UK’s centre of democracy and the “mother of parliaments”, daily tours can be enjoyed as well as a few Instagram pics with the Big Ben tower.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum - A history of applied and decorative arts and design, the museum holds over 2.27 million objects for visitors to peruse.
  • National Gallery - Van Gogh, Da Vinci, JMW Turner, Cezzane, Sauret and many more of the art world’s greatest painters have their inimitable best laid out for all to see. 
  • Tate Britain - Britain’s greatest painters and sculptors fill this giant space with works of absolute genius and intrigue. William Blake, John Constable and more await eager art lovers.
  • British Museum - The history of Britain and the world is on full display with thousands of years filling the halls, and temporary exhibitions showcasing forgotten periods or recent topics of discussion.
  • The Shard - With luxury restaurants filling the top, and corporate offices taking up the rest of the place, this is a key hub of financial transactions and network lunches.
  • Churchill’s War Rooms - When Britain was under attack from the Third Reich, Churchill set up camp down here and helped to save the free world with his dedicated staff and advisors.
  • Tower Bridge - Walking along the most iconic bridge in the world is a must at the start and end of each day. Visitors can also enjoy the museum housed in the upper part of the bridge.

Best London Restaurants Near Our One Month Stay Apartments

A big city like London has a wide range of restaurants to satisfy all tastes and budgets. From chains to independent restaurants, luxury diners and small eateries, the selection within the city is as diverse as the population itself. Visitors can indulge in the very best British foods or take a leap into an Asian mix of richly textured dishes that set mouths ablaze. Whatever a guest wants, our apartments are in the right locations for monthly guests to explore the city’s offering throughout their 30 days.

Some of the best restaurants near our monthly apartments include:

  • Kiln - Cooking noodles and Thai-inspired dishes using wood-burning ovens and grills, this is a very nice spot.
  • Hoppers - Enjoy Sri Lankan cooking and inventive cocktails offered in this vibrant and relaxed surrounding as you watch the city move by.
  • Bright - With shareable seasonal cuisine alongside ample wines, this is a romantic and cosy place to eat with a special someone.
  • Padella - This delightfully modern bistro has a tasty list of housemade pasta dishes accompanied by wine and other Italianate drinks to bring Italy that little bit closer with every bite and sip.
  • Social Eating House - A low-lit eclectic bar with leather booths and a copper bar, this is a trendy place to bring a group of friends or clients to share a meal or a couple of drinks.
  • Tandoor Chop House - Indulge in Tandoori meats that are given a British chop house treatment, mixing cultures to great effect.
  • The Counter at Sabor - A lively, 2-story Spanish eatery, guests can enjoy tapas plates and other national snacks and drinks.
  • Smoking Goat Shoreditch - Those that want a cool, laid-back restaurant with quirky dishes and drinks should choose this fantastic hangout.
  • Lahpet - Featuring an array of small and shared plates with lively hanging plants, this little place is another one to add to the list for a cosy night out.
  • Hawksmoor Seven Dials - Guests can feast on British classics served in a polished, art deco-style space that exudes the welcoming and lively feel that cities need more of.

Corporate Accommodation in London for One Month

Business travellers or project teams often need a space to call home for a month or more as they weave their way through long meetings, presentations, tight deadlines and business strategies. That’s why our One Month Accommodation London is beyond perfect for London’s corporate travellers. With all the facilities that they need to work remotely with ease, as well as being close to offices, attractions and London Underground stations, comfort and convenience is never hard to find in our apartments. They make the 30 days soar by as the perfect stay is lived.

One Month Accommodation in London for Leisure

Families, couples and solo travellers looking for a longer getaway, or a summer holiday, will need out monthly accommodation. With enough room and a variety of options to give all family members their own private space, all ages can be satisfied by the amenities and by the central location that keeps the very best of London on the front door. 30 days is a long time to keep kids occupied, but our One Month Accommodation London  has everything that a family needs to stay happy and peaceful. Solo travellers and couples will also have all they require as they bask in the city noise and explore London on their own terms.

Transport Near Our One Month Stay Accommodation in London

We ensure that every one of our guests can zip across the city with ease. No one wants a long commute to get to their vital business meeting or to get to their pre-booked theatre seats. Guests can quick, efficient and timely transport for a hassle-free trip. While we can’t help with the foot traffic, we do put all of our guests close to London Underground stations, bus stops and TfL railway stations so they can explore and discover with no qualms. 

Some of the tube stations near our one month accommodation in London include the following:

  • Old Street
  • Hoxton
  • Hounslow Central
  • Charing Cross
  • Aldgate
  • Holborn
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf

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