apartment facilities and amenities

do i need to bring linen, kitchen utensils, a hairdryer or towels?

All of the above are included with the apartment at no extra charge. All linen and towels are freshly laundered prior to check-in, and will be changed at intervals throughout your stay. We provide one set of towels – one large towel per guest and a small hand towel for every two guests. If you require an extra set of towels or linen these are available at a cost of £20 per night.

Luxury hand soap, toilet paper, kitchen towels and washing up liquid are all supplied. Kitchen utensils suitable to the number of occupants are provided in each apartment. A hairdryer can be found in the bathroom.

is there air conditioning in the apartments?

The majority of our apartments do not have air conditioning at present however, every apartment has programmable radiators in each room. We can also provide fans if required.

do the apartments come with a clothes washer and dryer, and an ironing board and iron?

We provide a washing machine and drying rack in each apartment, along with an iron and ironing board. Our apartments do not contain washer/dryer combinations

is a coffee maker provided?

We provide a kettle and an initial small supply of tea and instant coffee. Our apartments do not come with a coffee maker or grinder.


do you provide complimentary internet access?

Yes, free internet access is provided in all apartments on The code for the Wi-Fi is found on the router located in each apartment. In the case of any Wi-Fi emergencies, we can provide a temporary MiFi device.

how many television sets are in each apartment?

At present, each of our apartments contains one TV with Freeview channels.

will I need a special adaptor for my electronics?

If you are coming from outside Britain, you will need an adaptor in order to plug in your electronic devices. are able to provide certain adaptors for our guests, but not all regions are catered for so we do recommend you bring your own. Universal and country-specific adaptors are readily available at most airports, major train stations and some local stores.

what’s on TV?

Each of our apartments are equipped with a flat-screen television and DVD player. All TVs come with Freeview channels, which include leading stations such as BBC and ITV. To learn more about what’s on TV, you can visit

Each of our apartments are equipped with a flat-screen television and DVD player. All TVs come with Freeview channels, which include leading stations such as BBC and ITV. To learn more about what’s on TV, you can visit

A select few of our apartments come with satellite channels. Subject to the availability of these apartments, you may request one of them as your accommodation choice. Unfortunately, satellite television in the UK is only available on an annual contract, so we are unable to install these channels for shorter stays. Should you be staying with us for six months or longer, it may be feasible to install these channels at an extra charge.

additional and special guests

are the apartments child-friendly?

We can provide a travel baby cot upon request and will ordinarily confirm with you prior to your stay whether such an addition will be necessary. Please note the cots provided are basic travel cots so we do request you bring along any additional bedding that may add to the comfort of your baby’s stay.

are the apartments pet-friendly?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate pets in most of our apartments. There may be a possibility to accommodate small pets in some apartments, but we ask that you please confirm whether this is the case in your apartment prior to arrival.

what is the bed configuration?

Bed configurations vary within the apartments depending on whether they are one, two or three-bedroom. In all cases, the beds are double queen size. We do not have twin bedrooms but may be able to arrange such a configuration for longer stays.

Some of our apartments come with sofa beds appropriate for occasional guest use or shorter stays. We may be able to arrange for an additional bed in some apartments..

building questions

will there be a lift/elevator in the building?

Yes, all of our apartments are in buildings with elevators. These elevators are large and able to accommodate wheelchairs and large suitcases.

what is the smoking policy in the apartments?

All apartments on are strictly non-smoking.

are the apartments wheelchair accessible?

Some of our apartments have wide door frames and spacious elevators that make wheelchair access possible however, there are no specific provisions for wheelchair access in the design of the apartments.

checking in and out

how do I get the keys?

At some of our apartments there is a concierge and check-in can be arranged with them at which point the keys will be issued. These concierges are not MoLi employees. At others a MoLi Front Desk Associate assists each guest at check-in and welcomes them into the property.

can I check-in really early morning or really late at night?

Check-in is from 2pm on the day of arrival. If you are arriving late or, for example your flight gets significantly delayed, we may be able to do a late check-in but this will incur an additional charge if after 8pm and before 9am. Please give us as much notice as is feasible where this may be likely.

can I check-out late?

Please note that the check-out time is strictly 10am on the day of departure. On occasion it may be feasible to arrange a slightly later check-out and this may incur additional charges.

billing, deposit & other money related Q&As

how much do I have to pay?

We endeavour to be competitively priced at all times. If you find similar accommodation and services at a lower price, then tell us and we will endeavour to match it (given availability).

why is the price higher in one month and lower in another?

We get a lot more requests for our services at certain key times of the year. The industry’s pricing therefore reflects this phenomenon to ensure the success of our business interests yet to offer great rates to our customers when possible. We are susceptible to the same economics and hence have to fine-tune our pricing based on these seasonal variances.

why is the price in Euros or Yen so different from the equivalent price in GBP?

We do not always update all our prices on third-party websites daily, so that means in times such as these where currencies are fluctuating at unprecedented levels, our pricing may look off in one website versus another. So please check with our reservations desk for live rates – these are synchronized to live currency market rates and are always the most accurate.

why is the price different on one website versus another?

We often have to pay commission to third parties that on-sell our services. This is somewhat justified as they too have their operational costs. However the most economical rates are always when you “cut out the middleman” so to speak. So book directly with our reservations desk ([email protected]) for the lowest available rates.

is VAT included?

It will be clearly stated on any price proposal we make as to whether the rate quoted includes VAT or not. The reason our rates sometimes include and sometimes don’t include VAT is that the systems of the various third-party websites etc. where we advertise our apartments have different rules regarding how rates are displayed.

any additional charges for cleaning, management, etc ?

We offer weekly cleaning and linen change for all our apartments. Should you wish additional cleaning eg. twice a week, this will be subject to a charge of £50 per additional clean. The only other charges could be parking if required, additional TV requirements if feasible, phone calls if phones are required and other services above the normal ones offered.

what is this Short Stay Surcharge?

The longer you stay the cheaper your overall nightly tariff. This is because it reduces our operating costs and we are able to pass this benefit on to you. We would hate to turn away guests so we still welcome guests who wish to stay for a few days, but we do add on a small tariff. This varies from month to month, so please check with our reservations desk on the exact surcharge.

can we pay by wire transfer, given that there is enough time before arrival?

Certainly. We are happy to take wire transfers as they may reduce transaction costs in certain instances. We have a UK Commercial Banking Account under the trading name of House of Modern Living Limited. Our Branch Location is Baker Street, London. Sort Code: 40 01 06; A/C No: 32410230

why am I being charged a PayPal Surcharge?

Due to the fees levied by the various financial intermediaries, we are unfortunately obliged to pass on these fees for some payment methods and international currency transactions.

why do you require a deposit?

We require a £150 deposit for each apartment. It is standard practice for the majority of serviced apartments and covers us for misuse and damages - accidental or intentional. We do not look to be draconian about the retaining of deposits for lesser issues and have rarely had to withhold any part of this deposit.

can the deposit be given cash on arrival?

If there is sufficient time between booking and arrival i.e. greater than two weeks, we prefer to receive the damage deposit or security deposit along with the reservation deposit.

do you charge for children?

Children under 3 stay free with us but there will be an additional charge if you require a baby cot. Children over 3 are charged as normal.

do you charge extra for a baby cot?

We can provide a travel baby cot / high chair at an additional charge of £35/week.

is parking available and at what cost?

We have a secured parking at the majority our apartments but not all. Please ensure to check and, if required, to book this, when making your reservation with us. We cannot guarantee parking if not. We do have to charge extra for each parking space and the cost is £20 per night.

do you have car parking available for 2 cars?

We have car parking potentially available for one car only for most of our apartments. In most cases there are nearby car parks or street parking dependant on the particular building your apartment is in. Please ask for details of local car parks on booking.

are there any other extra costs that I should know about now?

There are no hidden costs in any of our billing. We take great pride in this and our billing is highly transparent.

when will I get my security deposit back?

We endeavour to return your security deposit within two weeks of a successful check-out. We have rarely experienced any loss in the property or missing amenities to have any reason to not return your deposit in full. We prefer to return the deposit electronically through Paypal, however if you wish for a bank wire please provide us with an IBAN code, a SWIFT/BIC number, the name of the account holder and the name of your bank to [email protected]. Please note that any banking fees levied will be deducted from your deposit. swift or iban is not required for domestic transfer (UK to UK)

how do you charge for your apartments?

Our apartments are charged by the apartment but we do set a maximum, not a minimum, number of occupants per apartments. For our studio and 1 bedroom apartments the maximum number of occupants is 2, for our 2 bedroom apartments 4 and for our 3 bedroom apartments 6. As some of our apartments have sofa beds or, and dependant on the layout and facilities in each apartment, we can arrange for additional beds for short stays. Additional occupants will be charged at £20 per day.

additional services

are we able to visit and view the apartment prior to booking?

We are happy to arrange viewings for potential clients. Kindly contact us with your dates and the details of the contact person who would like to visit.

can I leave luggage prior to check-in and after checking out?

Most of our apartment buildings are complete with a concierge desk, enabling guests to leave luggage however, we request that you confirm this facility with us prior to arrival as we may need to make special arrangements depending on the property.

Guests of our Canary Wharf apartments have the option of storing luggage in a nearby facility at a minimal charge (currently £1 per day).

who do I contact if something goes wrong?

If you have an emergency related to your accommodation please contact our reservations desk or Front Desk team. Contact details will be provided to you prior to your arrival and included in the Apartment Information Pack.

about the area

where can I get further information on local services?

Every apartment comes with an information pack complete with details of shops, restaurants, attractions, amenities, doctors and hospitals within the area. For events and things to do, we recommend, which maintains up-to-date listings of all there is to see and do in this exciting city.