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UK: London-based provider has been shortlisted in the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Bespoke Solutions for the 2019 APAC EMMAs. The awards ceremony will be taking place on September 5th at the Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore, during the FEM APAC Global Mobility Summit. The summit brings together global mobility professionals, industry experts and HR specialists enabling them to benefit from interactive workshop sessions, corporate-only roundtable sessions, panel discussions and case studies, and gain expert insight from senior global mobility leaders and previous EMMAs winners at the Mobility Masterclasses.

Serviced Apartments News shortlisted for the 2019 APAC EMMAs , August 06, 2019 Serviced Apartments are pleased to announce that Gateway Villas, an investee company from our seed fund, Ventures, has successfully raised further capital. This is great news for Ventures, and demonstrates the impact it can make in leveraging its expertise in the serviced apartment, travel and the wider alternative accommodation markets.

EIN NEWS Ventures Investment Gains Traction , July 16, 2019

It gives us great pleasure to announce that and Taylor Made have formed a strategic partnership in NYC. What does this mean? Simple. We’ll be sharing office space in Taylor Made’s New York office, increase our North America Sales focusing initially on Taylor Made’s 70 units in Manhattan, as well as sharing our wide suite of technology and global distribution platform.

Serviced Apartments News and Taylor Made form NYC partnership , March 13, 2019

According to the GSAIR Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report 2018/19, the number of serviced apartments globally is now over 1,022,984 units, up 23.7% from the previous report. To keep the industry growing, quality assurances need to be vigorously applied.

At, we’ve put quality assurances first and foremost when we list new stock. For example, within our London managed apartments we are constantly improving our standards by developing new technologies to ensure we can provide consistent and bespoke stays.

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Quality Assurances at - Delivering Services That Work , December 10, 2018

When it comes to business travel, there’s one option every traveller that wants comfort and convenience should consider: Why? Simply put, is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, with a global marketplace of apartments all over the world, and extra services that make it more than a serviced apartments supplier.

News 9 the Airbnb of the serviced apartments industry , November 22, 2018

Four star hotel vs four star serviced apartment cost per night revealed in 25 major cities

  • Serviced apartment and hotel cost not related.
  • Big price differences in key business locations.

The serviced apartment industry is one of the fastest growing hospitality sectors. Serviced apartments are a popular alternative to hotels for business travellers

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The cost of serviced apartments vs hotels in 25 key cities in 2018 , October 29, 2018

This year has seen some major leaps forwards for us. Not only are we celebrating expansion into Japan and our 10th anniversary, but we’re now celebrating our expansion into the Middle East. The Middle East is one of the key regions in the world and has numerous business transactions happening everyday. Corporate travellers are going backwards and forwards from destinations like Dubai, Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Where business travellers go, goes, so we can deliver bespoke and homely serviced apartments that meet all the necessary requirements of corporates looking for short or extended stays in the Middle East and other regions.

ABC 8 News enters the Middle East , October 1, 2018

As a global serviced apartments provider, we recognise that we (like everyone else) have a duty to protect the planet and do our bit to maintain a sustainable environment that ensures the safety of future generations. To make sure we follow green procedures throughout the day, we have appointed our own green team committee to take us in a greener direction. Their bold ideas are helping us to reduce our own carbon footprint as we deliver bespoke serviced apartments in cities like London, New York, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Tokyo, Barcelona and so many more.

ABC 7 News Goes Green , August 20, 2018

With new additions to team and growth of our network, we have increased our global presence to an unprecedented level. This trend continues, as we welcome Jenny Lalawmpuii to our ever growing team. But this isn't just the usual team growth story. Her multilingual capabilities and knowledge of the Japanese language make her a pivotal member as we expand our global serviced apartments network into the new territory of Japan.

Fox 34 News Expands to Japan & Beyond , July 12, 2018 serviced apartments has recently launched grant programme, which provides researchers in medicine, hard science and technology with £5,000 worth of accommodation- or the equivalent of a one month stay in one of our London apartments.

Press Release Jet launches grant worth £5,000 for research scientists , Mar 21, 2018

Moving cities can be a challenging experience for even the most prepared. From negotiating a new public transport network to unfamiliarity with local customs, from finding the most suitable healthcare to finding the right location to move into, moving cities is no easy feat.

PRLog Newswire launches the 2018 Hong Kong relocation guide , Feb 16, 2018

Secure 15% off on our most popular Canary Wharf apartments of 2017. Take advantage of these special rates on selected London residences this month - offer ends the end of February.

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Get 15% off our most popular Canary Wharf apartments , Feb 9, 2018

For the unprepared, moving cities can be fraught with peril. From an unfamiliarity with the geography of a new city to getting accustomed to the public transport system, from getting the right healthcare package to finding the perfect school for your children, moving cities is no easy feat.

PRLog Newswire's 2018 Singapore Relocation Guide Launch , Feb 1, 2018

Relocating can be a daunting prospect for the unprepared. From the unfamiliarity of local customs to locating the perfect accommodation, from becoming accustomed to the transport network to finding the perfect school for your children, relocating is no easy feat. Composed of knowledge ascertained from operating in New York for several years,’s New York 2018 Relocation Guide ensures that brave relocators are prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Daily Herald releases New York City Relocation Guide 2018 , Jan 4, 2018 group is delighted to announce that Cotel will be one of our new suppliers. Director of Supply Chain, Giles Walker, met with Marcia Gomez, Managing Director last week during an event based at Cotel's stylish new flagship apartments 7Zero1 in Milton Keynes.

PRLog Newswire partners with Cotel @ 7Zero1 , Jan 3, 2018

Moving cities can be fraught with peril for the unprepared. From unfamiliarity with local customs to a different public transport network, from locating accommodation to suit your needs to finding the right school for your children, moving cities is no easy feat. Forged from years of experience gained from operating in Paris,'s Paris 2018 Relocation Guide ensures that intrepid relocators are well prepared for the multifaceted challenges that may lay ahead.

PRLog Newswire launches Paris 2018 Relocation Guide , Dec 14, 2017

Relocating can be fraught with potential issues and pitfalls. From unfamiliarity with local customs and traditions to an alien public transport network, from finding the right school for your children to sourcing appropriate accommodation, moving cities is no easy feat.’s London 2018 Relocation Guide ensures that intrepid relocators are well prepared for the challenges that may lay ahead.

Digital Journal’s 2018 London Relocation Guide Released , Nov 13, 2017

In June 2017, Airbnb announced that it would be introducing an exclusive "Select" programme that will offer vetted rooms and homes to discerning guests. Two of's centrally located serviced apartments designed to fulfil the requirements of corporate residences have been selected for Airbnb's exclusive programme.

PRLog Newswire partners with Airbnb on Select Programme , Oct 23, 2017 is excited to announce that we are launching a collection of chic apartments across the charming city of Hong Kong.

PRLog Newswire arrives in Hong Kong , Oct 13, 2017

Serviced apartment provider joins household names Mumsnet and Nutmeg in the new cohort of LSE ELITE private companies. The programme - in operation since 2012 - provides private companies with a multi-faceted support system, including access to finance, education and mentoring.

Yahoo Finance Serviced Apartments Accepted Onto LSE ELITE Development Programme , July 17, 2017 adds on to its portfolio of luxury apartments in London. Apart from being close to key attractions and transport services, the new locations feature 24-7 concierge services.

Serviced Apartment News adds luxury London apartments, May 9, 2017 reveals the future of EU financial hubs post Brexit. CEO Sid Narang releases an extensive report with insights from various industry experts.

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Future EU financial hubs revealed in new report, April 5, 2017

With the U.K. leaving the EU trade bloc, most of the EU cities are eyeing London's spot as the financial centre and the race is still on. Post Brexit, financial services institutions will be moving out of London and economy would suffer in this event.

PRLog Newswire

Finding A New Potential Financial Centre, Post Brexit by , April 3, 2017

Serviced apartment provider talks about business in 2017. From expanding to new cities and reaching new continents, the brand elaborates on new milestones and their mobile app.

International Travel Report

Corporate apartment specialist set for global expansion, February 28, 2017

CEO Sid Narang draws comparison between London and New York. An insight to the salary structure, life and other key-points to be considered before a shift.


London less stressful place to work than New York, January 13, 2017

In a recent update,, a London based travel community received TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence for offering world-class serviced apartments and rental services in premium locations such as London, Paris and New York.

PRLog Newswire earns 2016 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence , June 28, 2016

One of its recent deals involved, a London-based serviced apartments provider, which raised financing in early January, from 15 high-profile retail investors via platform Crowd2Fund, raising $2m in total.

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How challenger banks and P2P lenders can work together, February 25 , 2016 offers luxury serviced apartments for corporate clients, providing standard four-star hotel accommodation for a fraction of the cost and with the comforts of a home.


Online network for serviced apartments raises $2M in funding, January 14 , 2016

Property investor Sid Narang has secured an investment of $2m (£1.36m) for his serviced apartment firm through a mixture of crowdfunding and bank finance.

Property Week

Sid Narang raises $2m for serviced apartment expansion, January 08 , 2016

The campaign closed with 17 high profile investors, making the first UK serviced apartments provider to secure investment through crowdfunding.

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UK’s Service Apartment Provider Secures $2M Investment From Crowd2Fund Bank, January 07 , 2016

Serviced apartments provider has closed a successful investment round of $2 million from London based Fintech company Crowd2Fund Bank.

UK Investor Magazine secures multi-million investment with Crowd2Fund, January 01 , 2016

After crossing $10m sales run rate last year, Sid’s rebranding his company, negotiating a multi-million pound investment round by way of crowd funding, bank debt and innovation grants, and launching a peer-to-peer digital real estate investments business.

Asian Wealth Magazine

Fab 5 - Ones to watch

Property Week proudly presents the young entrepreneurs, disruptors and leaders of 2015.

Property Week

Forty under 40

An alternative to traditional hotels, serviced apartments often called as aparthotels reduce the travel cost without compromising the convenience and well-being of travellers.


Why Serviced Apartments Are Better For Business Travellers, November 19, 2015

Serviced apartment provider House of Moli has launched a crowdfunding campaign in the hope of securing between £250,000 and £500,000 to grow the business and rebrand.

The Caterer

House of Moli launches crowdfunding campaign to grow business, September 9, 2015

London-based serviced apartment provider House of Moli has rebranded itself as Serviced Apartments and has launched a crowdfunding drive to help its expansion.

Serviced Apartment News

House of Modern Living rebrands and launches crowdfunding drive, September 01, 2015

Corporate serviced apartment provider House of Moli has launched a campaign to crowdfund £250- £500 to expand its business and rebrand as the Serviced Apartments.

Big Hospitality

House of Moli launches crowdfunding campaign to grow business and rebrand , August 28, 2015

MoLi, soon to be rebranded as, targets corporate accommodations for travellers staying more than a few days.

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House of Modern Living Raises Capital on Crowd2Fund to Finance Growing Serviced Apartments for Extended Stay, August 20, 2015


Podcast with CEO of Sid Narang and CEO of Crowd2fund Chris Hancock discussed debt-based crowdfunding.


Crowd2fund webinar with House of MoLi, September 15 , 2015