Attractions in Kreuzberg

Street Art:

In Kreuzberg, there is no need to travel to a special museum of pay money for a tour to get to know the neighbourhood’s true character. Anybody who knows this area will know that its history and culture is written – or painted – all over its walls. The combination of amateur graffiti tags and ambitious works of art cover almost every surface of the town, and a self-guided tour of the work is the best way to get to know Kreuzberg’s artistic and rebellious side.

Checkpoint Charlie:

Checkpoint Charlie marks the border between Kreuzberg and Mitte, but it is better known for its role in the Cold War. Once separating East Berlin and West Berlin at the Berlin Wall, the checkpoint is now one of the top attractions in Berlin. Visit Checkpoint Charlie and you’ll find a reconstruction of the guard house and checkpoint sign.

The East Side Gallery:

In fitting with Kreuzberg’s street art obsession, the East Side Gallery is located on a stretch of the original Berlin Wall near the River Spree. Art has been created directly on to the wall, turning this piece of Berlin’s troubled history into a progressive exhibition of many well-known artists. Walk along the 1.2km stretch and observe the historically significant pieces of art to truly get to know the city.

The Jewish Museum:

Another crucial piece of Berlin’s history, The Jewish Museum is one of the top attractions near Kreuzberg. One of the largest Jewish museums in Europe, The Jewish Museum in Kreuzberg explores the history and culture of the Jewish society in Germany.

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