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Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles

With endless art and vintage car museums, exotic beaches, and above all Hollywood adorning the County, LA is one of the most loved global attractions. People from around the world choose to experience how holidaying in the second most populous city of the U.S. feels like. Not just that, it even boasts of being the third most populated one in entire North America. With such an exciting resume on display, who wouldn't love to stay in this happening city?

With our exquisite display of short term furnished rentals in Los Angeles accompanying, you are bound to fall in love with this gorgeous city.

Our Best Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles

When you are on a vacation, especially short term, that too in a city like LA, you deserve all possible comforts, don't you? Our dedicated team here has taken care of every little detail within the home and outside. From the ambiance of the locality to the distance of the metro station, the thickness of your mattress to the view from your balcony, we aim to treat you to a fine stay right here. Right from our in-house selection of endless modern appliances to eliminate kitchen responsibilities as much as possible to stunning beaches awaiting you to enjoy with the fam, it couldn't get better than this.  

Right below are some of our most elite short term rentals in Los Angeles: 

Why Should You Book Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles?

There is no doubt about the fact that LA is one of the most happening places to stay in the world. With a fine Mediterranean climate thanks to the Pacific Ocean on the side, the constant potential thrill of bumping into your favorite star, and so much more to sweep you off your feet, LA lives up to its expectations. 

When you finally decide on choosing a stay here, we make sure to make it one of your most memorable stays ever. Not only will you get to make the most of the fantastic city that you choose, but the time spent within the apartment would also be delightful in its own way. From a salted bubble bath to ease your feet from walking to a stunning beach view from the balcony; with your partner by your side and the wine to celebrate, it will be a picture-perfect stay!

Where Can You Find Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles?

When looking for a staycation for a week or two, one either has a quick holiday plan in mind or a business project or client meeting awaits them. In both cases, the ambiance of the area gets the maximum priority. We have picked some of the most exciting neighborhoods of LA, only after first-hand research. Local markets, proximity to beaches, active nightlife, lots of food, and a sense of security are what collectively govern our picks of neighborhoods for an ideal short term stay here.  

Our fine short term furnished rentals in Los Angeles can be considered in the top three neighborhoods listed below:

  • Santa Monica - Whether it is a business stay or a casual vacation, this is one of the most popular neighborhoods of LA. This is a bright and beachy part of the city which is quite loved by guests of all tastes and preferences. 
  • Downtown - If a client meeting or a business expansion proposal has got you to Los Angeles, just go for Downtown. It is a celebrated finance and commerce hub of the city and is loved by business officials all the time. The nightlife here is great too.
  • Koreatown - Ethnically very diverse, culturally rich, and extremely fascinating, Koreatown is one of the finest and the densest neighborhoods in the entire country. It counts as a very happening part of LA which brims with diversity in terms of food, experiences, and cultures. 

Apart from these, Westwood, Warner Center, and Century City are some of the other great areas to enjoy a short stay in Los Angeles. 

Facilities in Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles

How about a hot mug of freshly brewed coffee in bed? Or your sunny side up made to perfection by your partner to pamper you? Such are the warm little experiences that we picture while picking the facilities for each of our apartments. With spacious rooms, lavish bathtubs, convenient washers, sunlit dining areas, and every little furnishing that one enjoys at home and misses at hotels, we offer them all. Our team brings to you the most heartwarming experience of living just like at home in a foreign city. This can be one of the most less-experienced feelings as claimed by our guests but it sure feels satisfying enough to give us a try. After all, it has to look, feel, and treat you like a genuine home away from home. 

It is our list of amenities and selection of appliances that make us an industry leader and an absolute favorite of our guests. Skim through some of the features that make our short term furnished rentalsin LA stand out:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Coffee maker
  • Dining table
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Balcony with a view

Corporate Accommodation in Los Angeles

When our business guests get to visit LA for work-related trips, they tend to keep a day or two especially for themselves. Our corporate housing in LA promise you comfort for every night when you come home tired from work. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast every morning made by yourself, right in your kitchen, just the way you like it. Whether you stay at the office during the day or choose to work from your accommodation, your home for a few weeks will be well taken care of. From groceries to cleaning, bed sheets to car parking, security to weekend itineraries, our team will look out for you. 

Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles for Families

Small families often pick LA for a quick holiday. With the effortless coastline to embrace and an impressive team 24x7 at your service, the combination of a family vacation and our short term furnished rentals in Los Angeles is just perfect! Each amenity undergoes a thorough parameter check to match the highest set standards that we follow. The buildings are secure and well-guarded while the hygiene is ensured as well. Expect to meet the most wonderful locals on your way, make new friends at the park or the beach nearby, and get instantly relieved of the stress of making this holiday perfect! Our family accommodations will take good care of everything.

Best Attractions Near Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles

From stunning family attractions to endless museums, cafes adorned with celebrities thanks to the thriving entertainment scenes of Los Angeles and so much more, you will have plenty of options to consider. Our short term rentals are conveniently placed at strategic locations in Los Angeles that are surrounded by the most popular local attractions. 

From Universal Studios to Disneyland, below are some of the handpicked attractions surrounding our furnished apartments that you must know:

  • Petersen Automotive Museum - This elaborate museum spreads to over four floors. Head here to immerse in the whole other world of automobiles. From the rarest car models to a very thorough museum tour, this is one of the top favorites of travelers coming to LA. 
  • Disneyland Park - Who would want to miss Disneyland when traveling with kids? This is the most happening and fun attraction in LA that you could enjoy a day out with kids. A mix of the iconic Disney rides and adventure activities, your trip is going to be very exciting here. 
  • Santa Monica - Spot the iconic Ferris Wheel at this laid back tourist spot along the coast. With golden sand, a hip crowd full of skateboarders, Yogis, travelers, and surfers, this is the most happening beach spot which is famous for its effortless vibe across the world. 
  • Griffith Park & Observatory - Whether you are here with friends or kids, it has everything from a theater to a planetarium, the largest park to play around to whatnot. Head here for a cozy picnic or a full-fledged day full of fun. The community vibe here is at its best. 
  • LA County Museum - LA is proud to be home to the largest art museum in the western half of the country. Observe and get transported to a whole new world of art with over 130k pieces of Islamic, Asian, and Latin American art curated with passion over the years. 
  • LA Farmers Market - Enjoy free concerts under the stars on weekends while you buy organic produce straight from the farmers here. Whether it is a lavish Christmas dinner or you just like to collect exotic cheese and other ingredients, this is a popular local attraction. 
  • Hollywood - From sightseeing in this wonderful suburb to pleasing your heart by being at a place where a lot of historic performances have been given, it cannot get more iconic than this. Don't miss their Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign. 
  • Natural History Museum - History buffs adore this place. The huge skeletons of dinosaurs, a section of the history of S.California, an insect zoo and so many other interactive exhibits collectively make it a fantastic place to feel transported in a whole another ancient world.  
  • California Science Center - If this sounded exciting enough, the science center would be a delight too. It would be unfair to take a kid who inclines to science back without visiting this gem. Expect everything from space shuttles to kelp tanks here. 
  • Venice Beach - Every business traveler admits to appreciating beach weekends like never before. Enjoy shaved ice on-the-go while you walk on the golden sand. Muscle Beach is studded with a young crowd of skateboarders who are kind enough to let you try. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles

From restaurants competing for the finest Japanese karaage to the most delicious sandwiches, from a whole lot of cuisines from around the world to whatnot, there is so much to taste in Los Angeles. Our short term abodes have been conveniently picked at the most stunning locations. From small plates to lavish multi-course dinners, hearty brunches to quick on-the-go tacos and sandwiches, our selection of nearby restaurants has everything. 

While the lavish interiors of our short term furnished rentals in take care of your comfort, your food habits will be well pampered by the following finest city restaurants surrounding our abodes in Los Angeles:

  • Lasa - Treat yourself with the most eclectic Filipino menu in the city at this gorgeous green restaurant. Decorated to perfection with cane products, their pork shank is a delight combined with garlic rice. A must-try spot in Far East Plaza.
  • Pikunico - A celebrated spot in the city by Kuniko Yagi which is known for its casual vibe and its special gluten-free karaage. Their authentic Japanese-style fried chicken and plant-based curries make them quite a loved food spot in L.A.
  • Republique - A classic French restaurant, a fresh bakery, and a bar, the Republique is the best combo you could aim for. The grandeur of their restaurant interiors and the latest addition of the charcuterie counter are the two most striking features after its unmatched taste. 
  • Squirl - If the restaurant treats you with a line, that means that it is the right one. On a comparatively less stylish street, this restaurant serves a very comforting and locally loved menu. Their Larry David platter is a boastful star!
  • Tito’s Tacos - Not very great when it comes to ambiance and its staff, Tito’s is popular for its comfort element in its menu. Don't expect the most authentic Mexican food here but don't miss it for its casual and colorful menu which is perfect for an on-the-go meal.
  • Atrium - If you are a traveler who adores variety, Atrium would surely go on a pedestal for you. Taste the flavors from the kitchens of Korea, Thailand, Armenia, the Middle East, and even Vietnam in this cozy brick-walled restaurant. 
  • Ototo - If you are an ardent lover of fried chicken and you liked the Japanese version of it at Pikunico, this restaurant must not be missed as well. If you are vegan, their vegetable loaded pancake called the okonomiyaki is the finest in the city. 
  • All Day Baby - This is a classic diner that promises to match your expectations with its menu and surpass your expectations with its taste. Their roast beef sandwich began a cult in the city. No wonder it is so deeply loved by the locals. 
  • Highly Likely - If you are a fan of sandwiches, this will be your heaven in LA. Try their eclectic sandwich range made from the locally-caught fish cooked to perfection. Their breakfast menu is full of Californian classics while their Japanese porridge bowl is a must-have as well. 
  • Kato - If a perfect blend of Taiwan and Los Angeles excite you, the culinary experience at Kato soupy thoroughly impressed you. It seamlessly brings together both the cuisines and the chef behind it keeps endlessly experimenting with the two. 

Public Transportation Near Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Los Angeles

Buses, metro rails, and cabs are the three most popular modes of transportation readily available all across Los Angeles. While the base fare starts at $1.75 for metros, you can also get a shared metro bike for the same price (for 30 minutes). The metro system is most preferred by both locals and travelers and it currently runs through over 96 stations on 6 lines associated with different colors. Expect to rely on it every day between 5 am and 12 pm while the upper limit stretches to even 2 am on weekends. 

Last but not least, based on your duration of stay, you can choose between a Metro Day Pass, a 7-Day one, or a 30-Day one for extra convenience to pay.

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations near our short term rentals in LA include:

  • 26th Street/Bergamont in Santa Monica
  • Hollywood Highland/Vine/Western (Line B)
  • Culver City (Line E)
  • Grand Avenue Arts in Bunker Hill (by 2022)
  • Wilshire/Rodeo in Beverly Hills (Line D)

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