Short Term Rentals in Toronto

Short Term Furnished Rentals Toronto

Toronto is the most populated city of Canada, ranking 4th across North America, and as the financial capital of the country, enjoys a very significant position for business and tourism. With so many economic and academic opportunities clustered within the city, business, and leisure travelers from around the world adore our short term rentals in Toronto. A very convenient stay awaits you at the fully-equipped abodes, in the best parts of Toronto, made especially to suit the finest tastes and highest level of comforts. 

With a highly elaborate and equally impressive list of amenities, a skilled service team right at your service online, and a full-fledged home with a kitchen located in the finest Toronto neighborhoods, travelers look forward to experiencing the city with us. Whether you are a student flying in for a course or a professional staying for an important business trip, our furnished apartments in Toronto are waiting for you. 

Our Best Short Term Furnished Rentals in Toronto

Toronto offers a great blend of experiences that range from a soothing waterfront to a hip nightlife. Our apartments are fully-furnished and placed at the best Toronto locations to help you pick just the right experiences for yourself. From the most stunning balcony views to the most comforting homemade breakfast in your apartment kitchen, our abodes are nothing less than exceptional. 

Guests enjoy proximity to local stores and the availability of groceries that are brought right at their doorsteps. They enjoy the ease of hopping around the city with the reassurance of going back to a home and not a hotel room. The warmth of home is felt with very pleasant decor and the highest possible quality of living offered right in the heart of the city.

Some of our top short term rentals in Toronto include:

Why Should You Book Our Short Term Rentals Toronto?

There is no doubt that Toronto is a huge city. It sure has truckloads of visual experiences to offer. Our short term apartments allow you to stay within walking distance from all of these. Not just that, the comfort of staying, bathing, cooking, and even watching Netflix with microwaved butter popcorns is something that makes us so confident in making your trip to Toronto thoroughly memorable.

Facilities in Our Short Term Apartments in Toronto

It is the extensive range of facilities that make our home-like stays stand out. It ranges from complete security with CCTV surveillance, our service and concierge team available at your service day in and out, along with the homely warmth that our short term rentals are known for. We keep you sorted for your timely hygienic meals with a full-fledged kitchen that comes stocked with groceries, regular ingredients, utensils and it is all ready to make you feel at home. 

Our Nespresso machines and bathtubs take care of your mornings while the dishwasher makes sure that your short term stay is all about minimum management and maximum fun. With such little details taken care of, you will love staying at TheSqua.re. 

Some of the facilities that make our short term apartments in Toronto different include:
  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Coffee maker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Oven & microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV with Netflix
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our Short Term Rentals in Toronto?

Our apartments are located in the most diverse parts of Toronto. While some put you closer to the waters, others keep you nearest to the active city nightlife. No matter which experience you prefer, proximity to departmental stores, chemist shops, local markets, and shopping arenas is guaranteed.

Our short term apartments in Toronto can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • The Harbourfront - There cannot be a better neighborhood to live in if you want to stay close to all the Toronto fun. From the airport to baseball, concerts to whatnot, it has anything and everything right here. 
  • Church and Wellesley - For the ones looking forward to the most friendly and inclusive living experience in the city, this area is the one to pick. It is known for Canada’s biggest Pride Parade, Loblaws, and exceptional nightlife.
  • Kensington Market - It is the most colorful neighborhood to live in Toronto. With flowers growing out of intricately painted cars and soothing incense filling up the area, it is a great option to stay. Don't forget its affordable food and market. 

Corporate Housing in Toronto 

Business trips often get way too hectic with hotel rooms and order-ins. With a full-fledged serviced apartment that comes with a kitchen that lets you eat clean and makes you feel at home, living alone doesn't seem that big a burden. Our working desks and soothing decor along with a stable Wi-Fi connection allow you to handle those long project nights right from home. With amenities that let you do everything from enjoying a hot shower to enjoying a movie night, your corporate trip gets closer and closer to a vacation. With local attractions available at the nearest possible distances, you will have all the reasons and conveniences to savor Toronto like a tourist.

Short Term Apartments in Toronto for Families

Each of our thoughtful home-like rental apartments goes through multiple quality checks to ensure perfection. Every decision regarding the choice of amenities, physical aesthetics, and locations have been taken by experts in the respective fields. For couples coming over, the comforts of lavish bedrooms, the privacy of the living room, and luxurious bathrooms allow you to enjoy some quality time with each other. With kids tagging along, our range of multiple bedroom sets gives you enough space to have fun. We can already picture your family cooking in the kitchen together and eating on our little dining table in the corner over wine and laughs.. 

Best Attractions Near Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Toronto

This city is full of surprises. On your short trip to Toronto, it will be a big challenge to stuff so many attractions in a short itinerary. While there are so many things to do and see, our team has made it a point to pick the exclusive locations that bring clusters of similar attractions in proximity. With our excellent apartment locations here, you can be assured to make the most of your Toronto trip. 

From the breathtaking Niagara Falls to a shopping spree on the streets of Toronto, below are our most recommended attractions here that you must check out:
  • CN Tower - A 533-meters tall man-made architectural marvel that represents Toronto in magazines and blogs. You cannot leave the city without gasping at the Toronto skyline from up the Sky Pod. 
  • Niagara Falls - The perfect destination for all travelers alike, especially for couples. A 45-minute drive from the city takes you to the mightiest and the most magnificent fall across the globe. This is the perfect destination to boast of before your friends back home.
  • Kensington Market - There cannot be a more funky place in Toronto to shop and roam your heart out. Enjoy all the colors of the city with the Garden Car and Chinatown brushing with the neighborhood. 
  • St. Lawrence Market - If you have a few days to stay and you like cooking local food, head here for fresh local produce. This 1902 market is all about fresh meats, lots and lots of cheese, and a historic food tour of the area. 
  • Ripley's Aquarium - Face some of the most dangerous aquatic predators across North America’s longest underwater glass tunnel. Marvel at over 400 water species in over 9 galleries. 
  • Chinatown - From dim sums to tiny shops densely potted in this closely-knit neighborhood, head here for an ideal experience of Toronto’s diversity. Bag some authentic Chinese souvenirs and trinkets to take back with you. 
  • Toronto Zoo - If you are traveling with family, this is a fine pick at a little distance from Downtown Toronto. This 1970 zoo is divided into 7 distinct areas, each with a different climate and set of animals waiting to make your day. 
  • Canada's Wonderland - The party does not end there as the country’s biggest and finest amusement park awaits you 40 minutes from downtown. You would be surprised to see how many roller coaster rides make it to some of the tallest in the world.

 Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Apartments in Toronto

Seafood is something that Toronto is most famous for. The variety of seafood here is incredible. The best part about living with us is that you will never run out of options. From boho decor to comforting food from coastal Italy, sophisticated dinner with your partner to a business lunch, our locations offer something for every mood and taste. 

Savor authentic Thai food to impressive seasonal menus around our exquisite short term apartments in Toronto. Some of our fine restaurant choices nearby include:
  • Donna’s - Start with seasonal dishes served in mismatched plates, surrounded by potted plants and a whole welcoming aura. Expect a very organic and complementing culinary approach from the chef and the menu. 
  • Pai Northern Thai Kitchen - Expect fuller plates, reasonable prices, colorful Asian delicacies served with all the love here. It is advisable to reserve a table before and order less food because of the great quantities. 
  • Grey Gardens - When having fun in Kensington Market, head here for a comforting snack or a hearty meal. The mix of luxury and boho decor adds to the overall dining experience. 
  • Constantine - Get transported to coastal Italy and celebrity Mediterranean food with the chef while dining here. Both the seafood and healthy food menu are tremendous. 
  • Bar Raval - One very fascinating decor in all of Toronto and an equally impressive colorful pintxos menu. From mussels to pancetta, this warmly lit place feels straight out of Barcelona, inspired closely by Spain's Raval neighborhood.
  • Richmond Station - Your perfect pick to taste the local city cuisine. Given how travelers like to enjoy dinners at home, their excellent takeout meal is known to offer the perfect restaurant experience at your home. Their attention to taste and details is fantastic.

Public Transportation Near Our Short Term Apartments in Toronto

Subways, streetcars, and buses in the same order are the three most preferred modes of public transit in Toronto. TTC or Toronto Transit Commission has done a commendable job in building such a seamless network of transportation that is both efficient and convenient. A weekday pass is a great option for a solo traveler. Family Day Pass for weekends and Weekly Day Pass are great for you if you are coming to visit your kiddo here or coming over for a short term stay. With over 75 stations and (almost) round the clock service, Subway will be your bae here in no time. 

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations near our short term apartments include:
  • Union Station (Train)
  • Bloor GO (Train)
  • Main Street (Subway)
  • Danforth (Train)
  • St. George Station
  • Spadina (Transit Stop)
  • Bathurst (Subway)
  • Sheppard West Station (Bus)
  • Queen (Subway)

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