Temple Bar Attractions, Dublin

Being a world famous cultural quarter, Temple Bar is a vibrant and lively area, home to many galleries, exhibition spaces, local film centres and cathedrals. There is something to fulfil every taste and budget.

St Patrick's Cathedral

Located at the junction of Patrick Street and Upper Kevin Street, St Patrick Cathedral was built in the honour of Ireland’s patron saint, Saint Patrick. In 1224, this site was raised to the cathedral status. The building dates back to 1220, displaying historical and architectural marvels of that period. The cathedral is open to public where all are welcome to experience the amalgamation of history and culture on offer.

Temple Bar Food Market

Every Saturday and Sunday, the foodie’s paradise is settled in the heart of Temple Bar at Meeting House Square between 10am-4.30pm in the form of the Food Market. You will find numerous reasons to visit this place, which sells a wide range of different seasonal produce. A good place to start off your market visit would be the McNally Family Farm's stall, where you'll find organic vegetables and some of the great homemade products. Visit the Llewellyn’s Orchard's stall to buy fresh apples, syrup and juices. Apart from shopping for fresh produce, you’ll find an authentic mix of ethnic Irish food stalls here-offering delicious street food to satisfy your taste buds.

Ha’penny Bridge

Built in 1816 over the River Liffey, Ha’penny Bridge is the first pedestrian bridge to cross the Liffey. This beautifully designed bridge has a span of 43 metres and is composed of three arch ribs. It serves as an important link from Merchant’s Arch to Liffey Street on the north side. The interesting thing about the bridge, which is one of the city’s iconic landmarks is that around 30,000 pedestrians cross the bridge every day.

National Wax Museum Plus

A privately owned waxworks museum nestled in the heart of Temple Bar district, National Wax Museum Plus was once the home of Ireland’s gold store and arms at the turn of the 20th century. The museum will take you on a journey through Irish culture with several interactive activities. The museum is housed over four floors in a landmark building. The major highlights of this museum are The Science & Discovery Zones, The Kids’ World, the Wax Factor Studio and the Recording Studio.

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