Places to Shop in Borivali

Indraprastha Shopping Centre:

Attracting a huge crowd any day of the week, the Indraprastha Shopping Centre is one of the top shopping destinations in Mumbai. The shopping centre has a huge range of clothing brands, as well as a basement level dedicated to mobile phone sales, accessory sales and mobile phone repairs.

Moksh Plaza:

Located directly opposite the Indraprastha Shopping Centre, the Moksh Plaza is another one of the best shopping areas near Borivali. Home to an excellent range of major clothing brands, the shopping centre is incredibly popular with both local residents and tourists. With a dedicated food court for customers, it is easy for visitors to pick up a refreshing drink or a bite to eat during their shopping trip.

Sai Shopping Mall:

One of the most modern-looking shopping centres in the Borivali area, the Sai Shopping Mall specialises in mobile phone products and other electronics. However, there are also some other shops in the centre so it is worth a browse regardless of what you are looking for. Located directly opposite the Borivali Railway Station, this shopping mall is an incredibly convenient option for those using public transport. As well as electronics, the mall specialises in mid-range and discount items.

Goyal Shopping Centre:

The Goyal Shopping Centre is one of the best shopping centres in Borivali for female shoppers. The dedicated ladies’ shopping centre offers a good range of womenswear, nightwear, cosmetics, lingerie and more. Also containing imitation jewellery and a kids’ clothing section, it is the perfect place for any ladies’ shopping trip.

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