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Navi is a neighbourhood in the north east of mumbai 70. Navi Mumbai (meaning ‘New Bombay’) was a man-made township area, created in order to boost business and create new homes for a burgeoning Mumbai population. It has become a sought-after residential area for many but remains to be seen as a place to live, rather than to work, so lots of people commute from Navi into Mumbai.

The reason for its popularity may be that after being given the go-ahead in 1979, Navi has become an environment friendly place in a city that very much needs its green attitude. Beautiful landscape gardens, green space and local parks make up a lot of the Navi area. Hilly landscapes, lakes and verdant space is accounted for half of the Navi neighbourhood, so if you love to take time out from the big city life, then Navi may well be the neighbourhood for you. Not just that, but there are plenty of places to visit in Navi too - including visiting the Pandakva Waterfalls and jumping on a ride at Navi’s Wonder Park.

Whether you’re looking to make Navi your home, stay for a couple of months or even just hang around after a short business trip, this Navi Area Guide has all you’ll need to make the most out of your time in this thriving Mumbai district.

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