Attractions near Navi Mumbai

When it comes to attractions in Navi and around Navi, you’re definitely not short of things to do. Top on the attractions list is the range of activities that explore the green space around Navi, from Central Park Navi to Kharghar Hills. There are plenty of attractions near Navi, you only need know where to look.

Central Park, Navi Mumbai

This central park may be in India, but that’s not to say it isn’t as refreshing a break from Mumbai as Central Park is to New York. Throngs of visitors and Navi locals head to Central Park on the weekend for welcome respite from the city’s mayhem. If you’re a Navi resident, you have the benefit of the biggest green space in Mumbai on your doorstep. Get out in it.           

Pandakvada Falls

When you’re in Mumbai central, it may be hard to believe that crashing waterfalls exist within the limits of Mumbai city. From Navi, you can access this beautiful slice of Indian paradise and bathe in the fresh water as a cool, refreshing relief from the city haze.

Kharghar Hills

If you like trekking, then you should definitely include the Kharghar Hills on your mumbai to-do checklist. This top Mumbai destination is easily accessible from Navi and offers a piece of paradise just a short distance from the mayhem of the city. Perfect for weekend jaunts.

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